Flights to Lagos


The largest city in Nigeria, Lagos is a bustling metropolis with an unexpectedly groovy music scene that pulses through nightclubs and bars all around the city. And there’s something to be said for a place that has a sea setting and also leads the way for the country in a financial and economic capacity.

Lagos has three main districts that make up the majority of its expanse — the mainland, greater Lagos, and the islands.  It began as a series of islands that were distinguished by creeks that ran through them. A quick guide to the city will tell you that the mainland is where your flight will land and where you’ll find most of the locals, but the rest of Lagos is worth seeing as well.  Lagos Island is the site of the Central Business District and Victoria Island, where shopping, bars and beachfront live in perfect harmony with more business headquarters.

When the sun is high in the African sky, hit the beach or sink into one of the many cafés and museums around the city. If you’re looking to get out for some sun and sand, hail a cab to Eleko Beach. Though it’s a bit of a drive outside of the city, you have the opportunity to rent a hut for a day to soak up the sun. Also right out of town, grab your suit to swim the shore of Tarkwa Beach, which is also a hip beach destination. If you’re all sunned out, head for the Jazz Hole — a bookshop turned café turned live music haunt. You can sink into the quiet of a good book or tune into the Nigerian beats that are played from local musicians. Wander through a museum or two before you call it a day. The Nike Art Gallery is the perfect place for art lovers, and some of the pieces are even for sale, so you can take your vacation back home with you.

The Lagos night scene is infused with contemporary beats and food that is truly its own. Authentic Nigerian cuisine is best found at The Cowrie Restaurant or the Whitehouse. And Lagos knows how to borrow from the best. Grab Thai at Bangkok Restaurant, Indian at Sheraton or Chinese at Prime Chinese. If you’re in search of an African night out on the town, try the Nimbus, which moonlights as an art gallery or Niteshift, an upbeat dance destination.

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