Helping Careers Take Flight

Delta Business Class: A Sports Business Immersion Program

We believe that when we connect people to places, we also connect them to potential. The power of seeing yourself in places that once felt unattainable can unlock a sense of belonging, and make dreams feel possible.

Business Class Students at Flight Museum

As part of our mission to boldly pursue equity and consciously promote inclusion, we proudly partnered with four professional sports teams in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City to create the inaugural Delta Business Class - a student immersion program designed to create networking opportunities for HBCU students at the highest levels of sports business.

Students spent time embedded with various teams at each organization, introducing them to every facet of how a pro team operates and creating invaluable connections with the people and places that can help their careers take off.

We believe that diversity lifts us all and are proud to connect diverse talent to their potential to create a sense of belonging for all people.


“With Delta Business Class, we’ve opened up the opportunity for HBCU students to engage in sports front offices. There are boundless opportunities out there, and the lack of diversity can be a catalyst to make a positive change.” 

Renee Montgomery, VP and Co-Owner, Atlanta Dream 

“A program like Delta Business Class directly impacts careers – you get to meet the people that are making decisions, you get to understand how these organizations work. You get to see it, touch it, feel it – when you get to do all those things, you feel like you belong.”