General Rules for Mileage Credit

Mileage earned under the SkyMiles program will be credited to your account within up to eight weeks after qualifying activity occurs, unless otherwise provided in the individual partner's terms and conditions. To ensure credit:

  • For air travel: Provide your SkyMiles number at time of booking or check-in for each flight. The name on the reservation must match the name on the SkyMiles account for mileage to be credited.
  • Hotel and car rental partners: Provide your SkyMiles account number and name as shown on your SkyMiles membership card at time of hotel check-in or car rental pickup. Mileage is credited only to the member whose name appears on the bill for the hotel stay or car rental.
  • All other partners: Provide your SkyMiles number and name as shown on your SkyMiles membership card at the time of transaction.
  • Compliance: Mileage earned is subject to compliance with all requirements of the individual partner's mileage offer, such as in some cases membership in the partner's loyalty program.

Delta is the final authority on qualification for mileage credit and reserves the right to deduct mileage from a member's account at any time if mileage was credited in error.

Calculation of Mileage Credit for Air Travel

The amount of mileage earned for air travel flown while you are a SkyMiles member will be calculated as follows:

  • On nonstop and direct flights, mileage credited will be calculated based upon the distance from origin to final destination, regardless of the number of stops.
  • On connecting flights that require a change of plane and flight number, mileage credited will be calculated based upon the distance from origin to destination for each segment of the trip. However, use of connecting itineraries in lieu of nonstop and/or direct flights for the accumulation of additional mileage is not permitted. Delta reserves the right to limit mileage credit for an itinerary to the number of connecting flights actually traveled or the maximum number of segments shown in Delta's published schedule for a connection between any two cities, whichever is less.

Upon request at the time of enrollment, mileage credit will also be awarded for travel flown up to 30 days prior to enrollment.

Mileage Credit Restrictions

Mileage will be credited only for travel flown by the SkyMiles member on scheduled service flights. Mileage is credited to the SkyMiles account of the traveler, regardless of who pays for the ticket. Mileage from one account cannot be pooled or combined with the mileage of another individual’s account. Each member must earn his/her own mileage credit.

Delta flights, airline partner flights, hotel, and car rentals are eligible for credit in only one mileage program and cannot be transferred once recorded. Attempts to obtain mileage credit in the SkyMiles program as a result of travel or other qualifying activity for which the member has already received credit in any other mileage or loyalty program is prohibited.

Mileage credit will not be given for the following:

  • Refunded, void, or unused tickets, including unused nonrefundable tickets.
  • Airline employees, travel agents, tour conductors, and/or other persons traveling on a nonrevenue basis or travel industry/cargo customer discount fares
  • Infants (under age two) traveling without paying an applicable fare. (Mileage will be credited to the accounts of infants traveling on a ticket purchased at the applicable fare)
  • Free tickets of any kind, including without limitation SkyMiles Award tickets and tickets received in exchange for a Delta transportation voucher
  • Tickets purchased to carry excess baggage such as musical instruments and pets or to provide extra space for the primary passenger
  • Delta charter flights
  • Tickets issued at fares subject to rules that exclude the earning of mileage credit for the fare. Fares excluded from earning mileage credit frequently change, particularly on partner airlines. You should always check with Delta, the issuing carrier or your travel agent at the time of booking to ensure that the fare you are purchasing qualifies for mileage credit.
  • Bookings made through some Internet sites as described at those sites, including without limitation tickets purchased through
  • SkyMiles can not be earned on flights to/from Cuba
  • Pay with Miles Tickets including MQM accrual

SkyMiles Mileage Expiration Policy

Under the SkyMiles Mileage Expiration policy, miles do not expire.

Delta reserves the right to de-activate or close an account under the following circumstances:

  • Fraudulent activity occurs
  • A member requests an account closure
  • A member is deceased
  • A member does not respond to repeated communication attempts regarding the status of his/her

Account Discrepancies

You are responsible for verifying that mileage for qualifying activity is credited to your account. All account discrepancies must be reported in writing within nine months of date of activity. Delta is not responsible for the delivery of incoming correspondence. Verbal notification is not accepted. You should maintain copies of tickets/ticket receipts and boarding pass(es) for your records until proper credit appears in your SkyMiles statement.

If mileage credit for a qualifying Delta or Delta Connection® flight or qualifying partner activity is not recorded on your statement within 90 days (30 days for Delta/Delta Connection or Northwest Airlines), please follow these procedures:

For Delta and Delta Connection you can request mileage creditopens in a new window online. For our airline partners, send a copy of your airline ticket/ticket receipt and boarding pass(es) to:

Delta Air Lines, Inc.,
SkyMiles Account Support
Dept. 654
P.O. Box 20532
Atlanta, GA 30320-2532
or fax: 404-773-1945

If you are outside of the U.S., you may send the documents to your nearest international office.

Altered or illegible documents will not be accepted. Alteration of documents or other attempts to obtain mileage credit to which the member is not entitled are prohibited.

For car, hotel, and miscellaneous partner activity:
If mileage credit has not been recorded on your SkyMiles statement within 90 days after qualifying activity occurs, contact the partner directly.

Mileage Requirement

Mileage earned is subject to compliance with all requirements of the individual Partner’s mileage offer, such as in some cases membership in the Partner’s loyalty program.