Group Travel

It’s better when you travel together, which is why our Delta Group Specialists can help show you how easy it is to book airfare for everyone.


Get Your Group Ready for Takeoff

You can book a single itinerary for travel within the U.S. on in parties of nine or fewer giving you access to Delta Comfort+ and Delta Premium Select fares, where available. Your booking will be completed using standard individual booking and ticketing guidelines, including adding passenger names and providing full payment at the time of booking. Going forward, you will have the ability to manage your reservation, including changes to your trip or seats, through or the Fly Delta mobile app.

Please note that our group representatives will continue to assist you with group travel outside of the U.S. by contacting 1800-532-4777 Monday through Friday 8am – 8pm EST. Delta Group Specialists customize Delta flight itineraries for groups of 10 or more passengers traveling on the same flight. You’ll get the advantage of competitive fares, flexible ticketing options and dedicated support in booking and managing your group’s travel.

For our managed agency partners, please contact your Sales Account Executive for assistance.

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General Group Contract Terms and Conditions:

These details supplement, and are hereby incorporated into, your Group Contract with Delta Air Lines.  Delta reserves the right to change these terms at any time without notice; however, the terms in effect on the date you execute your Group Contract will apply.

  • These Group Contract Terms and Conditions detail standard policies for group reservations; however, terms are subject to additional restrictions during peak travel periods as designated by Delta Air Lines, Inc.
  • A group consists of 10 passengers traveling together on at least one common flight segment. In the event your group does not meet the minimum, this booking will be cancelled, any deposit will be forfeited, and passengers must contact Delta about creating a new booking as individual travelers for the fare available at that time.
  • Any changes will require a renegotiation of fare and terms. Additions to your group may be at a different fare from the main group.  Individual deviations from the group itinerary may be available with additional fees
  • You are also responsible for compliance with any applicable laws or regulations in the discussion of these fares with your customers
  • The information regarding this group is confidential between the travel agent or group leader and Delta’s Group and Specialty Sales Center.  Therefore, no information will be given to, nor changes made on behalf of individual group members
  • Group tickets are not eligible for SkyMiles upgrades and accrual will be according to the SkyMiles program unpublished fare policies
  • All travel pursuant to this reservation shall be subject to Delta's applicable contract of carriage and all applicable fare rules and restrictions.
  • All necessary travel documentation complying with governmental travel requirements are the responsibility of the passenger and DL is not liable for any travel issues resulting from lack of proper documentation.
  • Delta reserves the right to change equipment or schedules without notice

Deviation Policies:

A deviation is defined as a change to the date, time or routing.  Any deviations may be at a different fare from the main group. The group must maintain group minimum requirements.  Your group may book deviations from the original group as follows:

  • Prior to the group's utilization date an unlimited number of passengers may deviate from the group itinerary on either the outbound or the return at the applicable fare with no deviation fee.
  • After the utilization date a maximum of 30% of the group may deviate on the outbound or return for a $25.00 per person domestically and $50.00 per person internationally nonrefundable deviation fee plus the applicable fare difference
  • The percentage of passengers who may deviate is based on the total number of seats held by the group at utilization date.
  • Feeders (passengers wishing to travel from a different city connecting to the original group block) are not included in this limitation and may be done at any time prior to ticketing at the applicable fare for the new itinerary
  • A credit card is the only acceptable form of payment for deviations and is required at the time the deviation is booked.
  • Passengers may make changes after ticketing at the applicable fare with the appropriate ticket reissue fee and any difference in fare
  • Once travel has commenced routing changes are not permitted.  Changes to the return travel date or time only will be permitted at the applicable fare with the appropriate ticket reissue fee and any difference in fare.

Utilization Policy:

In consideration for Delta's agreement to hold this seat inventory for your group, you agree to pay Delta a cancellation fee listed on your contract per seat assessed from the deposit if you fail to comply with the ticketing deadlines and/or if you fail to use at least the utilization percentage of the seats that we have reserved for you.

The following policy applies only if a deposit is collected.

  • If there is no Deposit Due date, no deposit funds are due.
  • In the event your group does not meet the minimum of 10 or individual members do not travel with the group, passengers will be considered individual travelers and must be ticketed at the applicable fare.
  • If the group number falls below 10, the deposit will be forfeited.

If the Utilization is listed as 100%, the deposit will be refunded for ticketed passengers only.

If you fail to use at least the utilization requirement percentage of the seats that we have reserved for you, the amount of the cancellation fee will be calculated as follows:

  • Until the last day to cancel/reduce without penalty:  100% of the seats may be cancelled without a cancellation fee.
  • It is your responsibility to obtain a cancellation reference number from Delta for complete cancellations and Delta's business records will conclusively determine the time and date of any cancellation.
  • Partial cancellations do not require a cancellation reference number.
  • A new confirmation letter will be distributed at the time of any reductions, deviations, feeder additions or other itinerary changes.
  • From the last day to cancel/reduce without penalty until 30 days before departure:  must maintain the utilization requirement percentage of seats held for a full deposit refund.
  • If you use some but fewer than utilization requirement percentage of the seats held, you will be charged the cancellation fee specified above for each seat below the utilization requirement percentage minimum.
  • If all the seats on your reservation are cancelled after the utilization date, the entire deposit will be forfeited.
  • 30 days or less before departure:   Deposits will be refunded for ticketed passengers only within 30 days of the commencement of travel.
  • Any applicable cancellation fee will be collected from the deposit on file.

Book a Meeting Room for Corporate Group Travel

If you’re traveling with a group for work, it’s easy to use the Delta Meeting Network as you travel. We offer a network of 300 destinations to hold a meeting for 15 or more people traveling on Delta from two or more cities. Discover Delta Meeting Network Benefits.