International & Connection Pet Travel

Whether your pet is traveling within the United States or to an international destination, we want to ensure a smooth travel experience. Remember, fees and rates can vary depending on whether your small pet is traveling as a carry-on or if you’re shipping your large pet with Delta Cargo.
International & Connection Pet Travel Table







SkyWest Airlines
Endeavor Air




1 Large or
2 Medium or
2 Small or
1 Small and 1 Medium

100 lbs. (45kg)
Compass Airlines




1 Extra Large or 2
Large or 4 Large

100 lbs. (45kg)




1 Large or
2 Medium or
2 Small or
1 Small and 1 Medium

100 lbs. (45kg)

* For aircraft that have only one class cabin, a maximum of 4 kennels per aircraft is allowed.
**Live animals are prohibited on all flights operating outside of the U.S. except Canada.

To make sure your pet is taken care of, prior arrangements are necessary with all the carriers involved. If a pet has to transfer from a Delta flight to a Delta Connection, the Delta flight must be confirmed at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of the Delta Connection flight. That way we have enough time to make transfer arrangements between the two carriers and ensure your pet is safely delivered.
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Pets to Hawaii

Though Hawaii is part of the United States, Hawaii takes extra care when bringing live animals into the state due to its unique ecosystems. Hawaii requires that all live animals shipped or brought into the state have health and rabies inoculation certificates dated no more than 10 days before travel begins. On Delta flights to Hawaii, pets will not be accepted as carry-on baggage.

Please note, Hawaiian quarantine facilities are located in Honolulu only; therefore, Delta cannot accept pets on nonstop flights to any other Hawaiian city. Delta does not participate in the Neighbor Island Dog and Cat Entry Program. Also as of October 1, 2016, Delta and Delta Cargo will no longer accept warm blooded animals on flights with an average flight time of greater than 12 hours. 

Hawaii Quarantines

All cats and dogs are subject to a 120-day quarantine in Hawaii. If specific pre- and post-arrival requirements are met, your pet may qualify for a shorter (30-days or less) quarantine. Costs are charged to the pet owner and must be paid in full upon arrival. Payment methods include cashier's check, traveler's check, money order, personal check, or cash.

Seeing-eye dogs (and other service animals) are accepted with certain provisions, including making advanced arrangements and verifying availability and cost. For further information, visit the Hawaii Department of Agriculture or call 808-483-7151.

International Pet Travel

If you’re traveling internationally with your pet, be prepared by knowing the strict regulations governing international pet travel. Remember to make arrangements in advance and note that Delta and Delta Cargo have a temporary embargo on all pet shipments effective until further notice. The embargo applies to all live, household animals (small dogs, cats and household birds) transported in the cargo hold underneath the aircraft throughout the domestic and international network. Exceptions apply for customers traveling with service animals and those in the U.S. Military or U.S. State Department Foreign Service Offices.

Take these steps before traveling to be fully prepared:

  • Contact the embassy or consulate of the destination country to determine pet travel regulations
  • Obtain all necessary paperwork (such as health certificates and documentation) regarding your pet's travel
  • Contact your local veterinarian to ensure your pet is in compliance with foreign health regulations
  • Check with the CDC about the importation of pets into the United States
  • Check with APHIS about international animal export regulations
  • Know that additional fees and charges may apply
    • Terminal handling charges, customs clearance fees, veterinarian service, and/or kennel storage fees are in addition to shipping rates and will be charged to the shipper or pet owner upon arrival at destination airport
    • All fees and charges must be paid in full prior to the release of your pet

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a temporary ban on dogs traveling from Egypt for the protection of public health.  The CDC will review this suspension periodically and Delta will provide updates as they become available.  To ensure the protection and safety of our customers and their animals, Delta will place a temporary embargo on pet travel to and from Egypt.

When traveling to or from the United Kingdom, Delta will not accept any live animals as checked or carry-on baggage. 

For pets traveling in the cabin to the Republic of Ireland, customers must notify the Department of Agriculture in advance at, opens in a new window. Find additional information at the Republic of Ireland Pet Travel Portal.

For pets traveling to or from other countries in the European Union, a Veterinary Certificate for domestic dogs, cats, and ferrets entering the European Community for Non-Commercial Movement (Regulation (EC) No. 998/2003) is required. There is also another restriction concerning your pet. Only a microchip implant, and no longer tattoos, will be accepted as a means of identification. If your travel originates in Aruba, Bermuda, Canada, Japan, Cayman Islands, or the USA, parts 1 through 4 must be completed for movement into the European Union and requires 30 days of preparation for your pet. If your travel originates in any other country, parts 1 through 5 must be completed. These regulations require a minimum of four months preparation for your pet.

Service Dogs Traveling to London (Heathrow & Gatwick) or Manchester

Delta will transport service dogs to London (Heathrow & Gatwick) and Manchester with the proper documentation and compliance to the UK regulations for transporting animals.  In order for a customer to transport their service dog, they must:

  • Contact the appropriate Animal Reception Center in the city they are traveling to for more information and instruction on what will be needed to enter the United Kingdom.  After booking, customers must contact the Animal Reception Center directly to plan for the arrival of their pet and to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed in advance for the UK Customs clearance of your service dog.
  • Provide a pre-approval letter from the Animal Reception Center in the city you are traveling to, indicating that your service dog has the appropriate documentation, has met the appropriate health requirements and has the proper micro-chip implant.  Delta will ask for this documentation in order to process your request for transport of your service dog.  Failure to present this pre-approval letter will result in denial of the service dog until the letter is provided.
  • Pay all appropriate fees and charges related to UK acceptance of service dogs. A current list of charges can be provided by the Animal Reception Center for the city you are traveling to.  For more information, please contact one of the appropriate Animal Reception Centers listed below.

For questions regarding transporting a service dog, please contact Delta at 1-800-221-1212 and ask to speak to the CRO Desk.

CRO Desk at Airport

Cro Desk at Airport

Animal Aircare Co. Ltd.
Gatwick Airport
Horley, Surrey, RH6 0SQ
(0)129 346 2180


City of London Animal Reception Centre
City of London
Guildhall, PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ
(0)208 745 7894


Pets on Jets
Building 300
World Freight Terminal
Manchester Airport M90 5BA
(0)161 489 8220

Pets are not allowed in the cabin or as accompanied or excess baggage to/from Hong Kong. Special permit/import permit or quarantine permit is required for all animals and birds (including dogs & cats) applied before arrival in Hong Kong and they must be shipped as cargo covered by an air bill.

Pets are not allowed as checked baggage to or from South Africa due to concerns of animal safety and customs regulations. This restriction does not apply to service animals. South Africa recognizes service dogs and allows them in the cabin. All animals must travel as manifested cargo on an air waybill. Military exceptions do not apply.

Australian law does not allow pets as carry on or checked baggage. The only exception is for Service Animals  with correct documentation. All pets must enter or depart via cargo.

New Zealand law does not allow pets as carry on or checked baggage. The only exception is Service Animals  with correct documentation. All pets must enter or depart via cargo.