All shipments (either Delta to Delta or to/from Suppliers) MUST be booked using the Online Booking Tool below:


Delta only allows approved contracted carriers to support our logistics needs. It is imperative shippers/suppliers comply with the shipping guidelines by using the online booking tool above.

In order to get started, users will need to request a log in by clicking on “New user/Request account” in order to start booking their shipments with an approved carrier. Once the shipment information is entered in the tool, all required shipping documentation will be provided and available for printing.

A carrier will be assigned and will contact the shipper to schedule a pick up appointment.

Noncompliance Penalty: Excess transportation charges resulting from non-compliance of this routing guide and instructions will be charged back to your account and will include an additional one hundred and fifty-dollars($150.00) administration fee.

If you have any questions or need assistance please email us at