Per Delta’s Shipping and Routing Guide certain shipping services are considered “pre-approved”, allowing parties to ship goods on Delta’s behalf using these services without additional authorization. Delta Air Lines requires that all shippers, internal and external, make every reasonable effort to ship goods using the "pre-approved services".

In situations where the shipment of a part, product, or document has been determined to be of extreme importance and the standard shipping services considered "pre-approved" do not meet the timing required for delivery, authorization for expedited services may be requested. Shippers must receive authorization according to the policy noted below prior to scheduling the expedited shipment.

For Delta shippers, a report identifying non-compliant shipping activities will be made available to department leaders to assist in compliance management.

Expedite Services Options include:

  • Overnight, Next Day, Next Flight Out, Expedite Truck, Priority LTL, Courier, and Charters.

Authorization process:

1.  Delta Employees - All expedite service requests must be authorized by the appropriate level of Delta’s leadership structure, as noted below.

  • ACS users: Expedite services require approval at/above Field Director level
  • IFS users: Expedite services require approval at/above Program Manager level
  • IT users: Expedite services require approval at/above Program Manager level
  • TOC users: Expedite services require approval at/above Director level
    • TOC users: Refer to the “EXPEDITE SHIPPING POLICY” SOP available on DeltaNet for additional details, and specifics for AOG exceptions.
  • All other users: Consult Delta SCM Logistics for department specific expedite guidelines

2.  All Non-Delta Shippers

  • All Non-Delta Air Lines shippers should contact their regular Delta commodity/inventory/program manager to obtain the required authorization.
  • Delta's commodity/inventory/program manager will evaluate the request and either deny or authorize the requested expedited service.
  • Shipper must retain a copy of the authorization. Delta reserves the right to audit any/all authorizations without prior notification.

Parts/materials shipped for “AOG” aircraft do not require an authorization for expedite shipping, if necessary.