The Value to Delta

  • Damaged shipments cost Delta money on duplicative transportation and material ordering.  Filing a claim is a mechanism to recoup some of the loss to Delta.
  • Damage Claims industry average is .5-1.5% of all shipments
  • Corresponds to ~$4.8M of goods damaged per year
  • The damage loss goes directly to the bottom line for your department and a claim reimbursement is a way to help offset that additional cost.
  • While all Delta providers have a strong performance record, given the volume, unfortunately damages will still occur.

Claims Checklist

  • Complete the following items.
  • Include as much supporting documentation as possible.
  • Inspect shipments upon receipt. If damage is found, reject shipment.
    • Failure to do so can waive carrier responsibility.
  • Collect supporting documentation and include with claim submission
    • Bold items are mandatory for all shipments
    • Claims are automatically denied if no or insufficient documentation is provided.

    Shipments over $10,000

  • Original Bill of Lading (should note damage)
  • Photographs
  • Inspection reports
  • Loading unloading tallies
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Proof of Value
    • Invoice
    • Commercial Invoice (Intl)
  • Shock/Impact records (if used)
  • Quality control reports
  • Any other appropriate information
  • Notify shipper
  • Set aside shipment for inspection by carrier.

All business units:

All other departments:

  • File claim with carrier at earliest opportunity (within 3 business days)
  • Notify and send completed Claims.xlsx file to SCMLogistics:
  • Follow up with carrier two weeks after claim was filed.
    • Many carriers deny claims outright, so you must follow up.