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Traveling With Kids

6 Ways to Kid-proof Your Travel

Traveling with kids doesn't have to be a daunting task. Proper prep is a parent's best friend when it comes to winging it with your little ones. Here are a few tips to help make your family's next flight smooth and tears-free.

1. Time It Just Right. Try to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. When booking your family's tickets avoid layovers, dodge delays and try to steer clear of airport crowds. Insider insights:

  • Friday is generally the busiest airport day. Saturday is the least busy.
  • July is the busiest travel month. February is usually the slowest.
  • Early morning flights tend to have the least amount of delays.

2. Pack a Busy Bag. Help your little ones pack their very own busy bags. Fill it with a variety of toys and activities to help keep them entertained on the plane. Your best bet? Toys that are quiet, compact, durable, mess-free, odorless and can be played with on their own. A mix of new toys and old favorites is a good idea too.

Get More Busy Bag Ideas

3. Arrive Early. Get to the airport with plenty of time to spare to avoid a family sprint to the gate. Check in online to save time, then use the curbside check-in for a quick luggage drop. Always make sure you're up on the latest security requirements — this will make getting through security much easier.

Get TSA Tips for Kids

4. Keep On Rollin'. For extra mobility in the airport, don't hand over your stroller until you get to the gate. You can check it there, and once you land it will be waiting for you outside the plane door when you deplane.

Learn More About Strollers and Other Items

5. Burn Baby Burn. Before hopping on that long haul flight, burn off extra energy. Create a quick scavenger with a list of items found in the terminal, play a few rounds of Simon Says or do some quick jumping jacks in the corner to wear the little ones out before boarding.

6. Surprise & Delight. Keep flying fun with surprise treats and unexpected entertainment. While the Busy Bag will help keep the little ones entertained for most of the trip, it's always good to have a few go-to tricks up your sleeve. Favorite snacks and a new toy or two are great back-ups in the case of Busy Bag failure.  

Take-off Tip: Making funny faces, yawning and chewing gum are all great ways to relieve ear pressure at take-off and landing.

For more information about flying with kids on Delta, check out our Services for Children page.

Jet Setting With Pets

Fido-friendly Skies

Sometimes we just can’t leave our four-legged loved ones behind. That's why Delta allows these very special travel buddies to come along for the ride. Whether your pet is carried on, checked in or shipped as special cargo, it's good to know all the rules and requirements before you fly.

Our General Guidelines:

Approved Pets. We love all pets, but we also recognize that some are better suited for travel than others. While most cats, dogs, household birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and cold-blooded animals are approved to fly, we no longer allow snub-nosed dogs and cats on Delta flights.

View Pet Restrictions

Travel Options. Determine if your pet should travel as carry-on, checked baggage in a temperature and pressure-controlled compartment or special cargo.

Visit Pet Travel Options

View Pet Cargo Guidelinesopens in a new window

Check-in. A health certificate, issued by a licensed vet within 10 days of transport, is required when shipping your pet as cargo. When checking your pet onto a flight, you will be asked to complete a Live Animal Checklistopens in a new window.

Kennels. To transport your pet as checked baggage or cargo, you must use an approved shipping kennel and it must ship in accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines.

View Kennel Requirements

Tranquilizers. The use of pet tranquilizers at high altitudes is unpredictable. If you plan to sedate your pet, you must have written consent from the pet's veterinarian.

Taking these guidelines into account can make travel much easier for you and your pet. After all, your pet is on vacation, too. Some other websites that offer handy tips on pet travel, including international travel, are Bring Fidoopens in a new window and Pet Travel Centeropens in a new window.

That's Entertainment!

Got a long flight ahead of you? Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay entertained in the air.

  1. eBooks: Grab your tablet and download the latest bestseller before you fly.
  2. In-flight Wi-Fi: With Wi-Fi on more and more flights, you can check email, shop online or get a bit of work done.
  3. Tunes: Create a playlist of your very own before you board or check out the latest tunes available in flight.
  4. In-flight Flicks: Want to catch the latest movie release? Simply look ahead. Many of our planes now provide personalized entertainment right at your seat.
  5. Sky Magopens in a new window: Flip through the latest travel news and city insights. Sky is delivered to your seatback pocket every month.  

Power up! Delta passengers will now be able to use their portable electronic devices below 10,000 feet on US domestic flights. Keep your e-readers, tablets, and smartphones in airplane mode from gate to gate and continue enjoying Wi-Fi above 10,000 feet.

Bon Appetit for Any Appetite

Did you know…? Delta provides Special Meal Service to those with dietary needs. Diabetic, Kosher, vegetarian, Hindu and more. If you require a special meal when flying, just let us know. We're happy to accommodate your needs.