If your paper ticket has been lost, stolen, or damaged, you can complete a Lost Ticket Application, available at our ticket counters, ticket offices, or your travel agency. You have the option to continue your travel even if your ticket is lost. If you find your lost ticket, you can return the ticket to us to avoid additional charges in some cases. Please see the RETURNING FOUND TICKETS section below for more information.

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  • Requirements And Restrictions

    You should note the following requirements and restrictions when applying for a lost ticket refund:

    • Lost Ticket Application must be submitted within 13 months of the day you purchased the lost ticket.
    • Application may take 90 days to process.
    • $100 nonrefundable processing fee will be charged for each lost ticket.
    • You must provide the ticket number in order to process a refund.
    • Lost Ticket Applications will be accepted for paper tickets only.

  • Refunds

    Generally, a refund will be provided in the same form of payment by which you purchased the replacement ticket. For cash or check purchases, a check will be issued after your application has been processed.

    • If you paid by credit card and return the ticket to us, you will see the refund credit on one of your next two credit card statements. Please see the RETURNING FOUND TICKETS section below for more information.
    • You will receive no other notification except for the refund credit on your credit card statement
    • If the refund credit does not occur, please contact your credit card company directly

  • The Lost Ticket Number

    The lost ticket number (a 13-digit number beginning with "006") must be identified before a refund can be processed.

    Determine the Lost Ticket Number

    Method of Payment

    Ticket Number Location

    Credit Card

    On your copy of the signed charge form or billing statement.


    Contact the original ticketing location and provide them with the exact date of purchase for the ticket.


    On your canceled check.

    Travel Agent

    Contact the agency for your ticket number.

    If you are a travel agent submitting an application on behalf of your customer, please enclose a copy of the agent's lost ticket coupon.

  • Unused Ticket

    If your unused paper ticket is lost and you still plan to travel with Delta, a new ticket can be purchased at the original fare. If the original fare cannot be determined, a new ticket must be purchased at the applicable fare at that time. In most cases, the original ticket will be refunded less a $100 processing fee for each ticket.

    Partially Used Ticket

    If your partially used paper ticket is lost during travel and you still plan to continue travel, a replacement ticket will be issued for the lost ticket and a $100 processing fee will be applied.

  • Lost Ticket and no Plans to Continue Travel

    If you have lost your paper ticket and no longer plan to travel, a refund can be issued less a $100 processing fee for refundable tickets. Remember that non-refundable tickets will not be refunded when the passenger is not continuing travel.

  • Returning Found Tickets

    If the original lost ticket coupons are found and returned to Delta prior to continuation of travel on a replacement ticket, the $100 processing fee will be waived. Please return:

    • The original remaining coupons.
    • A copy of the new ticket (if you plan to continue travel).
    • A copy of the Lost Ticket Application.

    Via U.S. Postal Service:
    Delta Air Lines, Inc.
    Post Office Box 20537
    Atlanta, GA 30320-2537

    Via Courier Service:
    Delta Air Lines, Inc.
    Passenger Refunds, Dept. 654
    700 South Central Avenue
    Hapeville, GA 30354