Israel Refund or Compensation Request

You may request refund of any unused portion of your ticket in the following cases

  • Your flight was overbooked
  • Your flight was cancelled
  • Your flight was delayed for more than 8 hours

You can request monetary compensation if you were involuntarily placed in  a lower class of service than stipulated on the Flight Ticket.

Please note:

  • If you purchased your ticket from a travel agent, please contact your travel agent. For tickets bought from an airline other than Delta, please contact that airline.
  • Refunds processed by Delta will be made in the same form of payment as used for the purchase of your ticket. Credit cards transactions will be processed within 7 business days and cash transactions will be processed within 20 days.

You may be entitled to compensation if your flight was cancelled.

You can download the Assistance and Compensation PDF brochure here.opens in a new window

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