Donate miles to support Afghan refugees


Your miles can make a life-changing difference. Now through September 30, 2021, you can donate miles to support Miles4Migrants in their mission to help members of the refugee community - including Afghanistan refugees - who have been displaced reach safe homes.  

Select the mileage amount you would like to donate under "Choose Your Reward," and those miles will be used to help fund Delta flights for displaced refugees in need of airfare. You can donate as many times as you'd like and all miles will go toward reuniting and relocating displaced refugees with family or sponsors to start new beginnings in safe homes. 

Plus, Delta will match all miles donated through this page - up to 10 million miles.

Together, we can provide air travel to reunite and relocate families around the world – bringing safety to those who need it most.  


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Promotional period: August 31, 2021-September 30, 2021. 

During the promotional period, Delta Air Lines will match miles donated to Miles4Migrants through this page, up to an aggregate total of 10 million miles. 

Open to all SkyMiles members with at least 500 miles in their SkyMiles account. No enrollment or qualification required. Members may donate as many times as they choose, provided the SkyMiles account being used has sufficient miles to donate. Mileage deductions will be reflected in the SkyMiles account within 7 business days. 

Minimum mileage donation rules apply – 500 miles minimum donation per transfer.  

Once the transaction has been completed, the miles will be transferred to Miles4Migrants and cannot be reversed. Miles are used to support Miles4Migrants’ most urgent flight requests, which includes assisting Afghan families. For more information on how Miles4Migrants uses donated miles please visit

Donations through this promotion are not tax-deductible for SkyMiles members or Delta. 

All SkyMiles Program Rules apply. To review the rules, go to

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