Netherlands Covid-Tested Trial Flight

Travel without the need to quarantine in the Netherlands when you arrive on Delta’s new Covid-Tested international flight from the United States to the Netherlands.  

Customers on our new Amsterdam Covid-Tested flights will be required to provide negative COVID-19 test results prior to check-in and boarding, allowing you to travel abroad with confidence and to be exempt from quarantine when you arrive in the Netherlands. If you are transiting via Amsterdam to other countries, you will still be required to follow entry requirements and any mandatory quarantine in place at your final destination. 

Covid-Tested trial flights are available for purchase on select flights for departure through February 14, 2021 from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). 

What to Expect

As part of the Delta CareStandardSM, we’re working with our trusted medical partners to design testing protocols that ensure the safety of our customers and employees, while enabling access to international travel.

Before booking a Covid-Tested flight, ensure you are aware of the flight requirements that must be completed in advance of your flight, as well as on the day of travel and are eligible to travel to the Netherlands or your final destination., Go to footer note These will allow you to be exempt from quarantine on arrival after receiving a negative PCR test result on landing in the Netherlands. Failure to complete these requirements will prevent you from boarding the Covid-Tested flight. 


Before Your Flight: PCR Test & Health Declaration Form

Customers will be required to take a COVID-19 PCR test at a test provider of their choice 5 days before the scheduled arrival time in Amsterdam and self-isolate until departure. Customers connecting in Amsterdam will be required to undergo the COVID-19 PCR test but may elect to time their PCR test to comply with the entry requirements for their final destination, if a PCR test is required for entry. You must provide proof of a negative test result in order to check in for the flight. This test is at the customer’s own expense. Proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine does not exempt customers from testing requirements or from Delta’s face mask policy.

While customers are welcome to select any test provider that meets the requirements for this flight, below are resources to assist with finding testing locations. While we understand it may not be an option for all travelers, CVS Health is a provider who we have engaged to administer testing for our employees and flight personnel. 

CVS Health COVID-19 Testing, opens in a new window

Other COVID-19 Testing Locations, opens in a new window*

Customers (ages 13 and above) must also complete the Traveler Public Health Declaration Form, opens in a new window prior to departure to Amsterdam. Keep this form with you for verification throughout travel.

For Covid-Tested flights, we recommend that customers arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure. Customers flying on a Covid-Tested flight need to check in with an agent at their first departure airport in the U.S. to verify their negative COVID-19 PCR test results; check-in will not be available through any self-service channels such as the Fly Delta app,, or kiosks at the airport.  

The information published here and in other Delta locations related COVID test providers is intended to help our customers in the planning and preparation for their travel plans. Information included here on COVID testing is supplemental to any information provided by test providers or governmental authorities regarding testing. Information may not be copied, republished, or used for any purpose other than individual travel planning. Given the rapidly evolving nature of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak and government restrictions, Delta, CVS Health, and TrustAssureTM cannot guarantee accuracy of and accept no liability for any errors or omissions contained on those pages, including accuracy of translations, outdated information or testing location address and hours, appointment availability, test type offered, or timing for receiving test results. COVID Testing prior to travel may not be available at all locations. Links to third party sources and websites are offered as a courtesy. 

Before Take-Off: Rapid Test 

Before taking off from the U.S. on a Covid-Tested flight, customers will be directed to a testing area for a temperature screening and a COVID-19 rapid antigen test at no additional cost. Safety mitigation guidelines will be followed to ensure that customers are socially distanced throughout testing and are offered an isolated area to await boarding pending a negative test results. The negative rapid antigen test is required to board the flight. Your test results may be shared with the Georgia Department of Public Health for public health reasons. 

Step-By-Step ATL Airport Experience

Check In

Customers originating in ATL are asked to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure  

Online check in will not be available for Covid - Tested flights. Once you arrive at the airport, please see a Delta agent in the lobby to check in for your flight and present your negative PCR COVID-19 test results. You will need a physical copy of your results for flights to Amsterdam.  

Sign Up for a Rapid Test

Once you’ve checked in for your flight with a Delta agent and have cleared security please proceed immediately to gate E14. If you are connecting in ATL, proceed immediately to gate E14 upon landing. 

See a Delta representative outside of the gate to receive a queue ticket and be added to a virtual queue. 


Await Your Turn

Once you’ve joined the queue, you can use the QR code on your queue ticket to follow your place in line on your phone from anywhere in the concourse. 

You may also wait at gate E16 where digital signs will indicate which number is being called. 


Get Tested and Await Results

When your number is displayed, please return to gate E14 and enter the rapid test location. 

After your test has been administered, you will wait for results in the designated waiting area. 

Upon notification of negative results, a Delta agent will scan your boarding pass to include verification of your results. 


After you’ve completed your rapid test, you are free to wait for the flight anywhere in the concourse. 

Only verified customers will be allowed to re-access the gate by scanning their boarding passes. 

Please plan to be at the gate when boarding begins, 1 hour prior to departure. 

Connecting Through AMS to Another Country

When arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, additional testing will not be required if you are transiting through to another country. Quarantine and entry requirements upon reaching your destination vary by local governments. Review the latest travel requirements and restrictions for resources to help you arrive prepared. Please also confirm any requirements for additional connecting airport destinations if applicable to your itinerary. 

Arrival in Amsterdam: PCR Test

If the Netherlands is your final destination, upon arrival customers will be directed to a testing area for a COVID-19 PCR test, also at no additional cost. Safety mitigation guidelines will be followed to ensure that customers are socially distanced throughout testing. Upon receiving a negative test result, customers will be free to enter the Netherlands without the need to quarantine. 

In Flight: Safety Commitment 

For everyone’s safety, Delta requires that our customers and crew continue to wear masks throughout all stages of travel. In order to support contact tracing efforts, customers will not be permitted to change seats before or after takeoff. 

Changing Your Flight 

If for any reason you don't feel comfortable with the Covid-Tested flight requirements, we are waiving change fees on new tickets. Valid for all destinations served by Delta, this waiver allows a change to your travel for one year from date of purchase.  

Fare differences will apply. Visit full terms for details.  

Plan Your Trip
Plan a trip to the Netherlands without the need to quarantine upon arrival. Explore flights and look for the Covid-Tested badge to find the flights that are included.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Only flights labeled as “Covid-Tested” at the time of purchase will follow this process. These flights will require your consent to testing and contact tracing prior to booking. 

This trial is currently available to citizens permitted to travel to the Netherlands for essential reasons, such as for certain specified work, health and education reasons. Get more details on travel restrictions and eligibility. 

Customers who are transiting via Amsterdam to other countries will still be required to follow entry requirements and any mandatory quarantine in place at their final destination. 

Covid-Tested flights are offered between Atlanta, GA (ATL) and Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) and can be purchased on as a direct flight or as a part of a connecting itinerary for flights departing on or after December 15, 2020. The flights are currently not available to be booked on the Fly Delta app. Both direct and connecting flights will be labeled as “Covid-Tested” and will require that you consent to certain travel requirements prior to booking. 

Covid-Tested flights are also offered between Atlanta, GA (ATL) and Rome, Italy (FCO). Visit our Italy Covid-Tested Flight Trial page for more details. 

Before departing the U.S., customers will be directed to take a COVID-19 PCR test , opens in a new windowat their own expense 5 days prior to their scheduled arrival time in Amsterdam and will need to bring their printed test results with them for verification throughout travel.  Passengers connecting in Amsterdam are still required to undergo a PCR test , opens in a new windowbut may time the test to comply with the entry requirements for their final destination. 

Additionally, before departure from the U.S., customers will be directed to a rapid testing area for a temperature screening and a COVID-19 rapid antigen test at no additional cost. 

Finally, if the Netherlands is your final destination, upon arrival at AMS customers will be directed to a testing area for a COVID-19 PCR test, also at no additional cost. 

Proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine does not exempt customers from testing requirements or from Delta’s face mask policy.

Currently Covid-Tested flights to the Netherlands are only available in the eastbound direction (from ATL – AMS). Westbound flights (from AMS-ATL) are not offered as COVID-Tested at this time. 

Yes, you can combine Covid-Tested flights with non-Covid-Tested flights within a roundtrip itinerary. For example, you can purchase a Covid-Tested ATL - AMS flight for the outbound and then select a non-Covid-Tested flight from AMS - ATL on the return. 

Customers transiting through Amsterdam can choose to fly on these Covid-Tested flights, however, they will still have to follow the entry/quarantine requirements at their final destination.

Plan to arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance of your scheduled boarding to provide enough time to complete the required COVID-19 testing protocols. 

Customers will only be permitted to check-in at the outbound U.S. airport after providing a negative PCR test result. Customers who receive a positive PCR test result will need to postpone their trip, should self-isolate in accordance with health guidelines and should not come to the airport for check-in. Customers will receive an eCredit for the unflown portion of their ticket and change fees will be waived. 

Customers who receive a positive COVID-19 result at the airport prior to boarding will undergo a second test to confirm the result. Once confirmed, local regulatory guidelines for medical treatment and quarantine will be followed. Affected customers who test positive at the airport will be issued an eCredit and may request a refund of the remainder of their Delta ticket.  

Due to the likelihood of close contact among customers traveling together, these procedures will apply to all customers traveling together on the same reservation.     

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 on arrival at Schiphol Airport must follow the Dutch Government’s health guidelines and regulations.  

When traveling from the U.S., customers will be directed to take a COVID-19 PCR test at a provider of their choice, before traveling, at their own expense.  

While customers are welcome to select any test provider that meets the requirements for this flight, we have identified resources to assist with finding testing locations, Go to footer note.  

When testing before takeoff at the airport in Atlanta, GA (ATL) and upon arrival in Amsterdam, NL (AMS), customers will not incur any additional expenses. 

Delta customers and employees are required to wear a face mask, or appropriate face covering, over their nose and mouth throughout their travel. Learn more about Delta’s face mask policy here

Customers (ages 13 and above) must also complete the Traveler Public Health Declaration Form, opens in a new window prior to departure to Amsterdam. Keep this form with you for verification throughout travel.

We are continuously monitoring safety and security protocols to ensure you have the latest information for your destination's specific entry and exit requirements. Review the latest travel requirements and restrictions for resources to help you arrive prepared. Please also confirm any requirements for connecting airport destinations if applicable to your itinerary.

Contact Tracing FAQs

Contact Tracing is a process to help identify and alert those who have come into close contact with the COVID-19 virus to help reduce potential exposure and limit COVID-19 transmission.

To support contact tracing, Delta is asking passengers to provide their destination address while in the U.S. and a phone number. This information, in addition to contact information you provided during ticket purchase or at check-in, will be shared with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) via U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) utilizing established channels for the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS). We will retain this information in our systems no longer than is necessary to achieve the contact tracing objectives, or as required by CBP. 

Please refer to Delta’s Privacy Policy for details. For more information, go to, opens in a new window or, opens in a new window, or see CBP’s Privacy Impact Assessment for the Advance Passenger Information System, opens in a new window

When you participate in contact tracing, the CDC will work with local health departments to alert you to help reduce further exposure.  

Follow-up of travelers may include:

  • Contacting travelers 
  • Providing instructions for what travelers should do if they develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 
  • Possible intermittent check-in during the two weeks after arrival

Though contact tracing is strongly encouraged to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, participation is voluntary and not required for air travel on Delta or our partners unless specified by a specific flight, country, city or region.   

We recommend you check your destination specific travel requirements that may be applicable during your trip. We recommend before traveling, that you check with local airports of origin and destination to ensure you have the latest information. 

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