On the Plane

Cleanliness and Safety On Board

Changes on Our Aircraft

We’ve raised the standard for cleanliness on board. The air in the cabin is completely refreshed as often as every 2 minutes and high touch surfaces are wiped down before every flight.

1. Cleaning Checklist

An extensive checklist is followed to ensure everything meets our elevated standards. If an aircraft doesn’t pass our spot check before you board, our teams can hold the flight and call back the cleaning crew.

2. Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying, Go to footer note with high-grade disinfectant is used to safely sanitize all our aircraft; the sprayers disperse the disinfectant in a fine mist throughout the entire cabin.


Vyv Antimicrobial LED Lights are installed on our 757-200 aircraft lavatories to help reduce the growth of bacteria on high-touch sinks and countertops.

4. Continuous Cleaning

Lysol disinfectant wipes are used to clean and disinfect our lavatories throughout the flight.

5. Hand Sanitizer Stations

PURELL® hand sanitizer stations will be available near boarding doors and lavatories eventually on every Delta aircraft – a first for U.S. airlines.

6. Overhead Bins

All overhead bin handles are sanitized before every flight.

7. Air Filtration

All our aircraft are ventilated with fresh, outside air, or air that is recirculated through high-grade HEPA filters, which extract more than 99.99% of particles, including viruses.

8. Blankets and Bedding

All blankets and bedding are laundered after every flight and all Main Cabin pillows are disposed after every use.

9. Face Masks for Customers

We appreciate all customers complying with the federal mandate by properly wearing a face mask, except during meal service.


All armrests are thoroughly wiped down and sanitized before every flight.

11. Face Masks for Employees

All of our employees are complying with federal regulations by wearing face masks.

Sanitizing Aircraft to Enhance Customer Safety

Our first priority is the safety of our customers and our employees. We've expanded our cleaning processes to include a procedure that sanitizes surface areas that we all touch in the aircraft. The procedure uses a safe, high-grade disinfectant that is highly effective against many communicable diseases, including coronaviruses. Following this sanitizing procedure, cleaning crews thoroughly clean cabin surfaces including tray tables, seatback screens, and lavatories.

Carry-On Bag Policy

As part of our continued efforts to reduce touchpoints on board, flight attendants are unable to proactively assist customers placing carry-on baggage into overhead bins, with certain exceptions. In addition to keeping customers and crew members safe and healthy, this change also protects flight attendants by decreasing the likelihood of injury caused by repetitive lifting.

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