Walmart+ Terms & Conditions

Free Trial Offer & Eligibility

To sign up for a 30 day trial Walmart+ Membership, you must have at least one Payment Method on file at all times. Open to US residents 18+. New Walmart+ members signing up for this offer will be eligible for a 30 day free trial; existing Walmart+ members, cancelled or lapsed Walmart+ members, and members who have previously enrolled in a free trial offer for Walmart+ are not eligible for the 30 day trial component of the offer. SkyMiles Members may cancel the Walmart+ Membership at any time during the free trial. If SkyMiles Members cancel during the free trial period, they will not be able to use their Walmart+ Membership, and will no longer be eligible to earn the $100 Delta eCredit sign-up offer (even if they later purchase a paid membership), or any Plus Up Benefit, and will lose the benefits of the free trial immediately. SkyMiles Members who sign-up for the 30 day free trial will be automatically enrolled into an annual Walmart+ Membership once their trial ends, unless they cancel before it ends. Following the 30 day trial period, SkyMiles members will be charged automatically $98 plus applicable taxes for the Walmart+ annual membership plan. 

eCredit Offer & Eligibility

Purchase required. Limited time offer for the first 1,000 eligible SkyMiles Members who enroll in the offer and a paid annual subscription. SkyMiles Members who register through the Walmart+ offer landing page (available through Delta Sync Wi-Fi or the personalized email sent to the member by Delta) who enroll in an annual subscription plan for Walmart+ ($98 value + applicable taxes) will be eligible to receive $100 in Delta eCredit in their SkyMiles account. This offer is not available to the following W+ members: paused, W+ Assist, W+ Student and W+ members participating in a third-party offer with an indefinite end date. Delta eCredit will be deposited within 45 business days after first annual subscription payment (and following the 30 day free trial subscription, if applicable). Delta eCredits seats are limited and may not be available on all flights or in all markets. Delta eCredits are non-transferable, are not redeemable for cash and are void if sold or bartered. Delta eCredits are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. This Delta eCerts Voucher (Delta eCredit) is valid for the dollar amount indicated in the offer selected by the SkyMiles Member for Walmart+ on Delta Sync Wi-Fi. When ticket is issued in currency other than USD, the value should be converted to the currency of the country of payment at the Bankers Rate of Exchange in effect on the date of ticket issuance, and the rate of exchange must be indicated on the ticket. This Delta eCerts Credit Voucher may not be altered by the agent of any carrier named herein. Delta eCerts Credit Voucher must be redeemed and ticket issued by the date above. Extensions are not permitted. Travel is permitted on the carriers specified above. Travel on other carriers must be ticketed separately at applicable fare, and this Delta eCerts Credit Voucher has no applicability thereto. Reservations must be made per the applicable fare rule. Delta eCerts Credit Vouchers may only be used toward the total purchase price of air transportation, including taxes, fees, and surcharges imposed on the air transportation. Delta eCerts Credit Vouchers are valid on both published and unpublished fares. This Delta eCerts Credit Voucher may be applied toward the Delta air portion of a Delta Vacations package. This Delta eCerts Credit Voucher may be combined with up to a maximum of four other Delta eCerts Credit Vouchers (Certificates beginning with 006068XXXXXXX), provided the person to whom each certificate is issued is traveling in the same reservation. This Delta eCerts Credit Voucher may be combined with a maximum of four other Delta eCert types beginning with 006054XXXXXXX, 006064XXXXXXX, 006065XXXXXXX or 006066XXXXXXX, provided the name on the Delta eCerts Credit Voucher, if stated is the same. This Delta eCerts Credit Voucher may not be combined with any Group Fares. This Delta eCerts Credit Voucher will not be honored when purchasing Prepaid Tickets, gift certificates or excess baggage charges, payments on account or Delta eCerts Agency Discounts. Once ticketed, penalties may apply for changes, per the fare rule purchased. The ticket must be validated on DL/006 ticket stock and the PNR must contain a DL operated or marketed flight. Delta eCerts Credit Vouchers will not be replaced for any reason, including vouchers which are lost or stolen. Purchased/auctioned Delta eCerts Credit Vouchers are subject to confiscation or voiding and travel will not be permitted. By redeeming the Delta eCerts Credit Voucher, the individual named acknowledges the content of these Terms and Conditions and agrees to abide by them. The Delta eCerts Credit Voucher is transferable only if it is not associated with an individual's name. Exception: If the certificate is issued in an individual’s name, the certificate may be used by a different person as long as the original recipient is traveling with that person in the same reservation. Certificates may not be transferred for cash or any other consideration. If the value of a Delta eCerts Credit Voucher is greater than the transportation purchased, a new certificate for the remaining value will be issued to the original recipient, and the remaining value will be stored in Delta's electronic database which may be used for the purchase of a future ticket. Delta is the final authority on the interpretation of these rules, and these program Terms and Conditions may be changed by Delta prior to usage and without advance notice. 

Delta eCredit void if sold, bartered or exchanged for compensation.

 If the paid annual subscription is cancelled within 45 days after payment, Delta reserves the right to cancel, rescind, or void the Delta eCredit. Limit one per SkyMiles member.

By participating in this offer, you agree (a) to these Terms and Conditions, (b) to Walmart+ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and (c) that Walmart Inc. and Delta may share your information for the purpose of tracking and processing your Delta eCredit into your SkyMiles account and sending you targeted offers. 

All SkyMiles program rules apply. To review the rules, please visit Please allow up to 45 business days after paid subscription service for Delta eCredit (to be deposited in SkyMiles account. Partner offers subject to the terms and conditions of each individual offer. Offer(s) subject to change, and may be modified, suspended or terminated at any time without notice. Offers void where prohibited by law. Other restrictions may apply. Determinations of eligibility are made in Walmart Inc.’s and Delta’s sole discretion. Walmart and Delta reserve the right to review and investigate all offer activities, and to suspend accounts or remove rewards and miles for suspected abuse, violation of terms, or fraud. Contact Walmart Customer Care or visit your Walmart+ Account to cancel membership.

Delta, SkyMiles and the Delta logo are registered service marks of Delta Air Lines, Inc. Delta is not responsible for goods or services offered by Walmart Inc