Taxi & Car Services Pick-Up Changes from Terminals C/D at LGA

The Port Authority is consolidating all taxi pick-up to the west side of the airport, discontinuing taxi pick-ups at Terminals C and D. If you are planning to take a taxi upon arriving in Terminals C and D, Port Authority-operated buses will be available on a continuous loop to take you directly to the taxi area, an approximate 15-minute ride. Port Authority representatives will be on-site for assistance should you have questions.

New Lyft and Uber Pickup Experience at LGA

The pickup experience with Lyft and Uber is now easier and more efficient at LGA.

How it Works:

  1. Request a trip from Uber or Lyft and click “Get Code” 
  2. Walk to the pickup zone by following signage for “App-Based Rides”
  3. Join the line
  4. Show PIN to first available driver and enjoy your ride