Taxi & Car Services Pick-Up Changes from Terminals C and D at LGA

To alleviate roadway congestion, the Port Authority is consolidating all taxi pick-up to the west side of the airport, discontinuing taxi pick-ups at Terminals C and D. If you are planning to take a taxi upon arriving in Terminals C and D, Port Authority-operated buses will be available on a continuous loop to take you directly to the taxi area, an approximate 15-minute ride. Port Authority representatives will be on-site for assistance should you have questions.

Additionally, starting on April 13th, pick-up for remaining Car Services (Lyft, Uber, Juno, limo/black car, etc.) for Terminals C and D will be relocated to a centralized location. Terminal wayfinding signage will be prominent from both terminals to the “Car Services” pick-up location, located on the ground level between Terminals C and D.