Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

We have a lot for which we need to thank Philly. Home to the convening of the Continental Congress, Philadelphia is the site where our forefathers penned the Declaration of Independence. It's also the city where Rocky's iconic training scene was filmed, which continues to be one of the most memorable (and parodied) movie montages of all time. And please allow our stomachs to speak for a moment: Any city that masterminds the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich is A-OK in our book.

Brotherly Love and So Much More

This historically tantamount city has seen a lot. A stroll down the street could make you happen upon any number of historical sites. After all, Ben Franklin famously dubbed it "new Athens" in its early days. The nation's first capital, Philly keeps its history close to its heart. And of all the sites to see, the Liberty Bell is perhaps the most notable. With its fabled crack right down the center, this American landmark sits in the center of the city and is worth a trip to sneak a peek. But don't forget to take a glimpse of Independence Hall, Valley Forge and the National Constitution Center for a well rounded historic take of the city.

It's storied past lends itself nicely to the macabre Edgar Allan Poe National Historic site, which was once his home. And since the country's founding, Philly has gained an artistic eye, becoming one of the foremost cultural hubs in the United States. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the largest in the country, and showcases over twenty-five exhibitions every year.

Try one of Philadelphia's signature sandwiches in the place that made them famous. Your best bet is Pat's King of Steaks or Geno's Steaks. The two have a rivalry that's been argued the world over. But there's no better judge than you, so try them both out and see which cheesesteak sticks. That said, to limit Philly to cheesesteaks would be an unfortunate disservice to everyone. In the past decade, Philadelphia has evolved into a bona fide dining destination, with mega-restaurateurs like Stephen Starr and Jose Garces, leading the way. Amada, Fountain, PARC and Morimoto have innovative menus and grand décors that make these dining experiences worth every penny (and there will be a lot of them).