The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, have different beginnings, but over time they grew together and now exist in perfect harmony. Minneapolis was established near the Falls of St. Anthony, which ensured it was a center of commerce. Its slightly older sibling, St. Paul, sits on the north bank of the Mississippi River — a panoramic setting where a bustling city meets the lush natural world.

The abundance of lakes surrounding the Twin Cities means that water-related activities abound, as do sunsets on their seemingly endless collection of crystalline watery bodies. It’s no secret that the winters can be challenging here, but summers with temperatures in the mid-80s more than make up for any inconvenience an ice scraper might bring. Downtown Minneapolis’s famous skyway system makes getting between buildings in the winter warm and shopper-friendly, but you’ll need a map to get the most out of it since it spans some seven miles. Though not as expansive, St. Paul has a skyway system, too.

A Tale of Two Cities

Minneapolis is perhaps the artsiest town in the Midwest. The Walker Art Center features contemporary visual, performing and media arts and offers classes, performances and tours so that you can interact however you feel most comfortable. Close to the capitol (so that you can enjoy both!) the Cathedral of St. Paul is a nice stop for awe-inspired architecture. Each winter, the Winter Carnival comes to St. Paul and visitors and residents alike celebrate the unique Minnesotan heritage.

Even though its location on the plains might cause you to think otherwise, Minneapolis and St. Paul play host to plenty of variety in dining. For a kitschy night out, take in Nye’s Polonaise or Mancini’s Char House. The wine lists at the finest restaurants here are excellent, but make no mistake: this is a beer town and a hearty brew — some proudly locally made — is on tap at most of the happening hotspots. A local favorite is Café Latte, which is a cafeteria, a bakery, and a pizza and wine bar. You won't find anyone leaving here hungry or looking for more.