Honolulu International Airport (HNL)

The picture that you have in your head of glimmering shorelines and white sand beaches may get you to Honolulu, but once you're here, you'll see that is only half the allure of this urban destination. Located on O'ahu, the main Hawaiian island, Hawaii's capital and largest city is filled with urban scenes that are flooded by locals to accompany the vacationer's resort paradises.

Not Your Average Beach Town

Honolulu has an impressive list of places to visit with restaurants that satisfy even the most devoted foodies (think fresh seafood!). There's also shopping that results in unique finds from all over the world, and escapes aplenty: the beach, historical spots, a palace, botanical gardens, arboretums, hiking trails, scenic drives — and did we mention the beach?

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. While Honolulu enjoys many signature American delights like a Whole Foods market and brand name resorts, it's culture is completely its own. There's an Asian fusion in the food, in the fashion and in the culture that is undeniable and makes Honolulu precisely what it is — an escape far enough away from the ordinary to be memorable, without forgoing the comforts we've all come to enjoy so much.

The island of O'ahu also possesses some pretty significant sights. The Pearl Harbor monument tops many travelers' lists of places to see, and the truth is, this detour is well worth the visit. There's history and reverence you can feel in your visit. The Makiki Valley Loop, and other loops like it, have spectacular views of the island to round out your trip and see Honolulu as it gives way to the lush vegetation of the forest.

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