Massachusetts' capital city has a past — and you'll be okay with that — because it prompts adventure. It has a story literally around every corner and is situated right on the Charles River, which helps it's stately buildings and towering skyscrapers find a perfect balance between city-on-the-edge and city-of-the-past.

Travelers of the day will want to check out Bull and Finch pub, the bar that was the used as the face of the bar in Cheers. Grab a brew there and then head to Fenway Park to see one of America's most recognizable sports arenas. Take a day trip to Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod or Nantucket — all prim, northeastern beach destinations so handsome you'll feel like you're in another world altogether.

A Wicked Good Time

Just outside of Boston lies Salem, home of the infamous witch trials made famous by The Crucible. But visitors who come to Boston to witness history firsthand eventually discover the family friendly fare at Quincy Market, the shops on Newbury Street or the sinfully delicious dishes at any of Barbara Lynch’s extraordinary restaurants. Time is well spent simply wandering school campuses under the orange and red leafed trees that hover the walkways or by visiting the extraordinary museums and cultural institutions that make this city so irresistibly smart to behold.

Take hold of more of that east coast vibe. Explore New York City and Washington D.C.