Frequently Asked Questions about Delta Premium Select

Delta Premium Select, introduced in the fall of 2017, is Delta’s newest cabin available on select flights. Know the details on this new cabin, designed for premium comfort.

  • Delta Premium Select is a new cabin experience introduced in the fall of 2017 on select international flights routes. It is located toward the front of the plane, between Delta One® and Main Cabin on the A350, and it will be the most premium product on select 757-200 (75H) aircraft.

    With Delta Premium Select, you will receive more premium seat experience, a larger in-flight entertainment screen and additional services at the airport and in flight than when flying in Delta Comfort+.

    For more information about Delta Premium Select, visit our Delta Premium Select Product page.

  • On the A350 aircraft, Delta Premium Select offers additional legroom with up to 38” of pitch, a seat width of 18.5-19'', and up to 7” more recline than the standard Main Cabin seat. The seat features an adjustable footrest, leg rest and headrest, plus access to an up to 13.3” widescreen entertainment screen that is among the largest in its class. You will also stay powered with 110-volt power outlets at your seat.

    On the 757-200 (75H), Delta Premium Select offers additional legroom with up to 37'' of pitch, a seat width of 20-21'', and more recline than the standard Main Cabin seat. You will also stay powered with 110-volt power outlets at your seat.

  • With Delta Premium Select, you will enjoy the service of a Sky Priority® check-in, expedited baggage delivery and premium boarding. Savor complimentary wine, beer and spirits. Enjoy complimentary Starbucks® coffee and complimentary premium entertainment with LSTN headphones on the A350 or Billboard Earbuds on 757-200 (75H).

  • You can purchase Delta Premium Select at, The Fly Delta app, a Delta kiosk, Delta Reservations, and select other channels, including Travel Agencies. If available, you will also be able to purchase an upgrade to Delta Premium Select after you purchase your original Main Cabin experience.

  • There will be three ways to upgrade into Delta Premium Select:
    1. Purchase an upgrade with cash through or Reservations
    2. Purchase an upgrade with miles through Reservations
    3. Use a Global Upgrade Certificate, and if not cleared prior to check-in, monitor the airport standby list to see if your certificate clears. Global Upgrade Certificates are only available to Diamond Medallion® Members as a Choice Benefit option.

  • You can use miles or cash to purchase an upgrade, to the extent permitted by the fare rules and SkyMiles® program rules. Delta Premium Select fares will be governed by the applicable fare rules.

  • Yes, you will earn MQDs when you purchase Delta Premium Select, except when on board. MQDs apply to U.S.-based Members only.

  • Diamond Medallion® Members may use Global Upgrade Certificates to upgrade to Delta Premium Select. On Delta Premium Select-equipped aircraft Global Upgrades Certificates can still be used to upgrade to Delta One. Complimentary Upgrades are not available.

  • The Delta Premium Select experience will be available on select international routes. As Delta continues to invest in choice and flexibility for customers, we will continue to provide a wider variety of seat options for your flight, depending on the route.