Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

A thriving metropolis full of international and cultural flavors, Frankfurt is the gateway to Germany’s beloved Rhine area. It also holds one of the greatest concentrations of museums in Europe. From Goethe and the hip art scene to Christmas Markets and apple cider, everywhere you look, you will find something unique.

Choose Culture, Christmas Markets & Cider

Stroll through picturesque Romerberg Square, or navigate the narrow streets of Sachsenhausen. Shop at a world-famous Christmas market or along the Golden Mile, the country’s busiest shopping street. Sample the city’s contribution to the world’s diet — a thin, smoked pork sausage called the Frankfurter Wurstchen. Tour the house of famed Faust poet, Goethe, or visit the Museum Riverbank, which showcases the Jewish Museum, Historical Museum and Children’s Museum.

Culture-driven travelers will appreciate Frankfurt’s opera, ballet and world-class museums. From September to October, the world’s largest book fair takes over the city, so literature lovers will feel right at home. You can listen to jazz at any number of clubs, such as the famous Jazzkeller, or cut a rug at L.O.F.T. or King Kamehameha Club.

Food-wise, there is no shortage of culinary delights in Frankfurt, from delicious Frankfurter Wurstchen to deceptively potent Apfelwein (apple wine). Dine in at any of the unique-to-Frankfurt offerings, such as Mosebach and Borussia, for a meal you won’t forget. In addition to German cuisine, you can also find delicious international fare at more familiar, global franchise restaurants.

Frankfurt locals love to party. If you are visiting in February, check out Fastnacht, a Lenten festival featuring many memorable parades. In March, during the International Music Trade Fair/International Jazz Festival, impromptu concerts of amateurs and well-known musicians occur throughout the city. Later in the year is Frankfurt’s world-famous Christmas market, the Weihnachtsmarkt, where you can purchase one-of-a-kind gifts and souvenirs.

Plan Your Getaway

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