International Fuel Surcharge

For tickets exit Japan

One way Surcharge amount Per Person


Tickets issued:
on/before November 30, 2022

Tickets issued:
on/after December 1, 2022

Japan - North America 
Japan - Central and South America

JPY 57,200

JPY 47,000

Japan - Hawaii

JPY 36,700

JPY 30,500

For additional information regarding fuel surcharges in Japan, please contact the Reservation Center in Japan.

Fuel surcharge revision

The fuel surcharge will be reviewed every two months for all flights from/to Japan. The fuel surcharge could be changed in the future depending on the fuel price. 

The fuel surcharge is applicable for adults, children and infants with seats.

The fuel surcharge does not apply to infants without seats.

If the trailing two-calendar-month average of Singapore Kerosene-type jet fuel price becomes above JPY6,000* per barrel, Delta will apply the fuel surcharge.

*Converted from USD to JPY using the two-month average of the daily exchange rate as set by the Bank of Japan, for the same two-month evaluation period.