Delta aircraft climbing after take off with clouds in the background

Political Activity and Policy Engagement

Delta is committed to being a positive voice on public policy issues that impact not only the airline industry but also our customers, our people and the communities we serve.

We care about a wide range of issues, including fair trade, competition policy, safety and security, workforce development, energy and the environment, and climate change policy. Managing our advocacy and regulatory compliance activities is the responsibility of our EVP – External Affairs in conjunction with our SVP – Government Affairs and our Vice President (VP) – State and Local Government Affairs. The DLC and the Corporate Governance Committee of the Board regularly receive formal reports on our policy priorities and political activities.

We actively lobby to influence the development of international, federal, state and local public policies; in managing these activities, we conduct our business ethically and in compliance with the law. We issue a Political Contributions and Activity Report annually, and, for the third year, provide an overview of climate lobbying activities in this report.

To learn more, visit our separate Political Contributions and Activity Report and the Climate Lobbying section of this report: