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Employee Safety Programs and Training

Our employee safety programs and training focus on providing the policies, procedures and education that are essential to keep our people and customers safe.

We empower our employees to slow down or stop any operation if they feel it is necessary to do so to maintain a safe work environment for our personnel and a safe travel experience for our customers. We operate several cross-divisional and division-specific employee safety programs that help us to achieve our safety objectives. These programs are critical to preventing serious injuries, incidents or accidents by proactively encouraging safety dialogue across the company. Leaders are continually promoting the use of Safety Time Outs, which are employee-initiated pauses to address a safety concern, as essential to safe operations.

In 2023, we conducted our second annual Safety & Environment Summit, where more than 400 operational leaders gathered with members of Delta’s leadership team and safety and environmental subject-matter experts. This two-day event provides an opportunity to align on safety and environmental policies, procedures and training, and to extend them out to all aspects of Delta’s operations.

Delta provides a suite of safety training that includes compliance requirements as well as tailored information relevant to an employee’s role. We also communicate the importance of safety through weekly videos, internal posts, town halls and daily interactions with leaders and within workspaces to supplement training and embed a culture of safety. The expectations of Safety Leadership that we set for Delta employees also extend to our contractors, vendors and business partners.


Protecting our Customers and Employees

It is critical for Delta and the broader airline industry to use all the tools available to mitigate in-flight misconduct and maintain safe flight experiences for our customers and employees. We provide de-escalation and self-defense training for flight attendants and other frontline employees and continue to partner with law enforcement to increase security at dozens of airports to protect our passengers and employees. We will continue collaborating on industry-wide solutions, including maintaining a no-fly list, and cooperating with local, state and federal authorities on the prosecution of disruptive passengers.




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Delta is continuing to invest in technologies and enhance training programs to reduce exposure to ergonomic injuries. This includes dedicated experiential ergonomic training centers at our hubs in Atlanta and Salt Lake City and plans for a brand new clinic dedicated to employee health at our hub in Atlanta.