Delta pilots conducting pre-flight walk-around inspection of aircraft on tarmac

Management-Level Oversight and Implementation

Risk Council

Oversees all areas of the company’s business risk, including the following: monitoring risks to Delta’s strategy; monitoring external macro-trends; defining organizational responsibilities for the management of certain exposures; identifying significant risks to Delta, including the effectiveness of mitigation and management strategies based on Delta’s risk tolerance levels as well as monitoring the business to determine that risk mitigation activities are in place and operating.

Representative Membership: Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President (EVP) – External Affairs, Chief Information Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Health and Wellness Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Senior Vice President (SVP) – Corporate Safety and Security, SVP - Controller, Vice President (VP) of Corporate Audit and Director of Enterprise Risk Management

Safety Council

Oversees Delta’s Safety Management System and monitors its effectiveness to ensure it is properly integrated and embraced by Delta Leaders throughout the airline. The council ensures that safety policies are clearly communicated, proactive risk management is adopted as a key part of broader change management efforts, assurance teams work remains forward-looking and predictive, and safety promotion efforts are clear and visible. The Integrated Safety Round Table plays an active role in managing safety and compliance risks and promoting a positive safety culture by monitoring top risk trends, evaluating effectiveness of safety risk controls and identifying future risks.

Representative Membership: SVP - Tech Ops, SVP – Corporate Safety, Security and Compliance, SVP – Airport Customer Service and Cargo, SVP – Inflight Services, SVP – Occupational Control Center (OCC) and Ops Analytics, SVP – Flight Operations and VP – Global Clean

DEI Council

Oversees Delta’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) priorities to ensure they are relevant and embedded throughout the organization, in collaboration with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office, and evaluates corporate and divisional metrics, programs and proposals that align with our DEI strategy.

Representative Membership: Chief People Officer, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Chief of Operations, SVP – Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness, SVP – Airport Customer Service and Cargo, SVP – Reservation, Sales and Customer Care, SVP – Customer Experience Design, SVP – Customer Engagement and Loyalty, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, VP – Sales Operations and Development, VP – Chief Litigation and Employment Counsel and other leaders from across Delta

ESG Council

Oversees the environmental, social and governance (ESG) goal-setting process and implementation of key environmental sustainability and social initiatives across our business as well as the strategy and data input for external communications and reporting of ESG matters.

Representative Membership: Chief Financial Officer, EVP – External Affairs, Chief Sustainability Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief of Operations, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Chief Health and Wellness Officer, SVP – Government Affairs, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, SVP – Sustainability Performance and Partnerships, VP - Chief Compliance Officer and VP – Investor Relations

People & Wellness Council

Oversees the wellness strategy and implementation of related initiatives across Delta’s divisions.

Representative Membership: Chief People Officer, Chief Health and Wellness Officer and divisional leaders from across Delta

Carbon Council

Oversees Delta’s efforts to manage fuel burn and drive reductions in fuel consumption through cross-divisional collaboration and aims to establish a trajectory of reductions in fuel consumption to progress toward Delta’s medium- and long-term sustainability goals.

Representative Membership: Chief of Operations, Chief Sustainability Officer, SVP – Airport Customer Service and Cargo, SVP – Technical Operations, SVP – Fleet, SVP – Delta Connection, VP – Flight Operations, VP – OCC and VP – Onboard Service Operations

Waste Council

Develops sustainable waste management strategies in alignment with our 100% Landfill Diversion by 2050 goal. This council was formed in 2023.

Representative Membership: SVP – Sustainability Performance and Partnerships, Managing Director – Global Cleanliness Strategy, VP – Catering Operations, Director – In Flight Service Brand Strategy and Customer Experience, Director – Facilities Maintenance and General Manager – Products & Waste


Delta’s executive-level councils are supported by cross-functional working groups made up of leaders from different business units who meet more frequently and are focused on specific initiatives at the direction of the relevant council. These working groups spearhead progress in their dedicated area while identifying opportunities and roadblocks to communicate up to the relevant council.