Temperature Screening for Delta Employees, Business Partners, and Visitors to Delta Facilities 

As our employees, customers, and business partners continue to face the daily challenges of COVID-19, Delta takes meaningful strides to keep the Delta family, visitors, and customers safe.  Across our network, Delta has implemented temperature screening checkpoints to screen for elevated temperatures, one of the CDC-recognized symptoms of COVID-19.

To ensure your health, safety, and wellness and that of those around you, all Delta employees, business partners, and visitors to Delta facilities will undergo temperature screening.  Anyone who declines such screening will not be allowed to enter our facilities.

Screening checkpoints are located at entrances to Delta facilities.  Temperature screening will be conducted prior to entry on any Delta location.  If a person’s temperature reading exceeds the guidance threshold, they will be required to have their temperature taken using a different thermometer.  If, after a second screening, a person registers a temperature of 100.4º Fahrenheit or higher (or other threshold as required by applicable regulation or requirement), they will not be permitted to enter the premises.

Please note that if a Delta employee registers a second temperature reading of 100.4º Fahrenheit or higher, Delta will record and retain the following identifying and health and medical information: employee name, employee number, and the fact that the second temperature reading was elevated.  Delta may disclose the identity of Delta employees with elevated temperatures to limited Delta employees, for the purpose of communicating and mitigating health and safety risks, as well as meeting Delta’s health and safety obligations.  Delta does not record or retain this information for non-Delta personnel.