Flights to Anchorage


Anchorage may well be the most populous city in Alaska but it still retains a connection to the vast, sweeping landscape and open air.

A popular destination for nature-viewing, you can sail the Pacific on a wildlife cruise to get up close and personal with whales and seals. But spotting wild animals isn't all wet in Anchorage, which is home to a wild population of moose, hundreds of bird species and bears of the black, brown and grizzly variety. Conservation and learning centers throughout the city are a good way to experience the wildlife from a close yet safe distance.

The scenery around Alaska can't be topped, either. Daytrips along the Seward or Glenn Highways make the massive state that lies before you feel somehow intimate. But if you'd rather stretch your legs while taking in the sights, the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail starts in downtown Anchorage and snakes its way through 11 miles of the Alaskan landscape. You'll hike through parks and even stroll past the airport where you began your Alaskan adventure.

Anchorage makes good use of its access to the Pacific. Fresh seafood is the inspiration for many restaurants around the city. And with salmon, oysters and crab in the daily catches, all of it is served up fresh from the sea. Fishing is a pastime of many residents and visitors, so grab your rod and reel, then cook what you catch for an ocean-to-plate taste of Alaska.