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  • How many Bags may I Carry on?

    You may bring one carry-on item onboard the aircraft, plus one personal item. See our Baggage page for further information.

    Passengers travelling on Delta Connection flights with 50 seats or less are permitted to carry personal items onboard the aircraft.  Due to limited overhead and under seat space, larger items will be tagged with a pink Gate Claim/Planeside tag and loaded in the cargo bin.  These bags will be returned to the passenger upon deplaning

    All carry-on items must meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and may not exceed 22" x 14" x 9". The FAA mandates that all carry-on items fit under a seat or in an enclosed storage compartment.

    Our gate or flight personnel may need to further limit the amount of carry-on baggage for a particular flight, depending on the cabin storage capacity of the plane and the expected number of passengers.

  • Are There Exceptions to the Carry-On Allowance rule?

    Yes. See our Baggage page for more information.

  • What is the Checked Baggage Policy for SkyTeam Elite/ElitePlus Customers Traveling on Delta?

    SkyTeam Elite/ElitePlus customers in the Main Cabin are subject to the current checked baggage fees. For full details and baggage fees, visit the Baggage page.

  • Do Bag Fees Apply to all Passengers Traveling Internationally?

    Some bag fees apply to passengers traveling internationally. The latest updates and exceptions to these fees can be found on the Baggage page.

  • What Bag Fees Apply to International Passengers who have Connections/Stopovers within the U.S.? 

    If all flights are on the same itinerary, international fees and rules apply to passengers traveling internationally with a connection or stopover the U.S.

    If an international passenger travels to the U.S. and continues their travel within the U.S. on a separate ticket, domestic rules apply.

    Complete rules can be found on the Baggage page.

  • Do Checked Bag Fees Apply to all U.S. Territories?

    Please visit our checked baggage fees page to find the most up to date information by travel region.

  • What is the Checked Baggage Policy for Active U.S. Military Personnel?

    Please review the bags allowed for active duty U.S. military personnel when traveling on orders or for person travel on our baggage and travel fees page.

  • How Can I Ensure that my Baggage will Arrive with Me?

    We require outside personal identification on all checked baggage. We also recommend inside identification details, just in case the outside identification gets lost.

    Remember to always carry medicine, money, valuable documents, keys, jewelry, cameras and other small fragile items in your carry-on luggage, just in case your baggage is separated from you for a time. And remember to never lock your luggage.

  • If I Pack my Camera in a Suitcase, will it be Covered Under Delta's Liability?

    Unfortunately, we cannot assume liability for jewelry, cash, camera equipment or other similar valuable items contained in checked or unchecked baggage on domestic flights. See the Delayed, Lost or Damaged  page for more information.

  • Are Carry-on Items Included in Delta's Baggage Liability? 

    We do not assume liability for unchecked items unless they are given to our personnel for storage during the flight or otherwise delivered into our custody for travel.

  • Does my Walking Cane have to be Stowed in a Specific Area on the Aircraft?

    Federal regulations require that a cane must be stowed for take off and landings in an approved storage compartment. Flexible travel canes, such as those used by customers that are visually impaired, can be stored in the area under passenger seats, as long as the cane doesn't protrude into the aisle or otherwise disturb the crew or other passengers.

Lost Items Frequently Asked Questions

  • I Have not Received a Response from Lost and Found Central, What is Going on?

    Please check your SPAM box and verify the email address that you entered into your Lost Item Report to be sure we have your correct email address.

  • Will you Keep me Updated on the Status of the Search for my Lost Item?

    You will receive an email from Delta’s Lost & Found Central when you file the report for your lost item. If we find an item that matches the description of your lost item, we will send you an email notification with further instructions to allow for confirmation that the item is yours. While we are searching for your lost item we will update you via email throughout the process.

  • How Long will you Search for my Lost Item? 

    A thorough search will take place for approximately 14 days after we receive the lost item report. If we are unable to find your item, you will receive an email notification informing you that we have been unsuccessful in our efforts.

  • How will I Know if my Item has Been Found?

    If we locate an item that matches the description of your lost item, Lost & Found Central will contact you via email and/or phone to verify that the item is yours and arrange for delivery of the item.

  • If my Item is Found How Will it be Returned to me?

    Lost & Found Central will provide you with a link to the shipping checkout page. You will be able to verify your shipping information and provide credit card information for shipping charges. 

  • I don't have an Email Address, How will I be Contacted?  

    If you do not have an email address you will be contacted via telephone only if it appears that your item has been located. We cannot provide status updates via telephone.

  • What Happens with Official Documents or Government-Issued IDs if you are Unable to Locate the Owner?

    Military IDs will be sent to the Department of the Navy, NAS-JRB ID Office. This department will then facilitate the return to the various military branches.

    Passports will be sent to the U.S. Department of State, CA/PPT/S/L/LE, ATTN: CLASP

    All other personal documents that we are unable to return will be destroyed.

  • My Lost Item is Really Important, is there Someone that I can Call to Conduct a more Extensive Search?

    We understand that every lost item is very important to each individual, and undergo an exhaustive search to locate every single item reported. Please be assured that we take each Lost Item Report very seriously and will go to every effort to locate and return your lost item(s).

  • My Lost Item is Electronic and has a Data Plan Associated to it. Should I Turn it off?

    Yes. Although we are conducting an exhaustive search and hope to locate your item, you should immediately deactivate any associated data plans for your own protection. We recommend that you leave call service activated on phones for a period of one week to assist in our search and verification process.

  • What can I do to Help Increase the Chances of Finding my Item?

    Please provide detailed, accurate descriptions on the Lost Item Report Form. If possible, gather the descriptive information about the item(s) prior to filling out the form and be sure to include any and all identifiable details to help in our search. Please enter the information just as it appears on the item. Also, be sure to include the flight date and flight number reflecting when your item(s) were lost. You may also provide additional information in both the "brief description" field, as well as the "help us find your item" area. Failing to include information in either of these fields will limit our ability to find your item. We also ask that you file your report within 7 days of your item becoming lost. Reports filed after 7 days have a decreased chance of item recovery.

  • I've Already Filed a Lost Item Report But I need to Update it with Additional Information. How can I do that?

    You can update the information on your Lost Item Report up to two weeks after filing it by clicking on this link Lost Item Updateopens in a new window. Please be ready to provide your Lost Item Report number and the last name included on the report.

20 Minute Bag Guarantee FAQs

  • How does Delta Calculate the Time the Bag Takes to get to the Baggage Claim?

    The time a bag takes to arrive at the baggage claim is measured by Delta's baggage tracking system, where available. If the time elapsed between aircraft door open and delivery of the bag to the baggage claim carousel is longer than 20 minutes, the customer is eligible to earn 2,500 miles. This offer is valid on domestic flights within the U.S. 50 and Puerto Rico, marketed and operated by Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection® carriers.

  • What if I Checked Several Bags and Only One is Late? 

    If any of your bags arrive late, you are eligible for the guarantee. However, there is a limit of one request per passenger per departing or returning itinerary, regardless of number of checked bags. This offer is valid on domestic flights within the U.S. 50 and Puerto Rico, marketed and operated by Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection® carriers. 

  • How do I Request Bonus Miles if my Bag Arrives Late?

    Complete the form at no later than three days after your flight's arrival. Requests should only be submitted after your flight. Please allow up to two weeks after submitting your request for your bonus miles to appear in your account. This offer is valid on domestic flight within the 50 U.S. and Puerto Rico, marketed and operated by Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection® carriers.