Electronic Transportation Credit Voucher FAQs

(also known as vouchers or eTCVs)

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about eTCVs. If your question has not been addressed, feel free to email us.

Can I use my eTCV for travel on a Northwest flight?

The face amount of this voucher may be applied to the purchase of any ticket for passenger travel within the Delta system worldwide on Delta/Delta Shuttle/Delta Connection and Delta designated codeshare flights.

How do I know if I can use my voucher towards the purchase of a certain flight or ticket?

As long as a ticket is issued directly by Delta, (via www.delta.com, Reservations, in person at the airport, or by a Delta ticket office) the voucher may be used towards the purchase.

How long is my ticket/transportation voucher good for?

Tickets and transportation vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issuance, and NOT the date of travel.

Can I use my voucher to pay my checked baggage fee?

eTCVs may not be used to pay other fees relating to passenger travel, the Delta SkyClub, or charges for the shipment of cargo. They are for ticket purchase only.

I would rather have cash instead of a voucher. How do I exchange it?

eTCVs have no cash value.

My voucher expired before I was ready to travel. I now want to purchase a ticket. Can you extend my eTCV’s validity period?

Your voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue. Validity period will not be extended.

Where can I redeem my eTCV? Is there any fee?

Your vouchers may be redeemed at any Delta City Ticket Office, Delta serviced airport, Delta reservations call center, or at delta.com. Please note, if your eTCV is redeemed at delta.com there is no transaction fee. However, if the voucher is redeemed at other Delta locations, fees will apply.

I found a Delta flight through a travel agency. How do I apply my voucher?

eTCVs may not be redeemed at travel agencies, other airlines, or travel websites other than delta.com.

I have two eTCVs. May I use them both?

Vouchers are combinable. However, due to technology restrictions no more than three may be applied towards any single ticket.

My voucher is for $200.00 but my ticket costs less than that. Do I lose the extra money?

No. If your ticket costs less than the value of the eTCV, the amount remaining after the purchase of your ticket may be applied to subsequent ticket purchases at delta.com. However, the eTCV’s original expiration date will apply to the residual value.

Can I use the voucher to purchase a ticket for someone else?

Yes, you can. By providing the person of your choosing with the 13-digit voucher number and complete name as printed on the receipt, you are indicating you have given authorization to that person to use the voucher. Please note that the eTCV owner is solely responsible for protecting this information and Delta assumes no responsibility for unauthorized use of the voucher.

I misplaced my voucher. How do I get it replaced?

Delta is not responsible for vouchers that are lost or stolen. However, since it is electronic, a Delta agent may be able to locate your voucher number by your SkyMiles number or telephone number.

I used the voucher to purchase someone else a ticket. Now they can’t travel. How do I get the voucher put back in my name?

Once a voucher has been turned into a ticket, the full value of the ticket belongs to the passenger and the eTCV will not be returned.

Can I sell the voucher?

Although transferable, this voucher may not be sold or bartered by the Owner or any designee. Vouchers or tickets obtained through prohibited sale/barter transactions are void and will not be honored for travel.

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