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Flight 108 on Wed, 16 Apr 2014

We apologize for the service disruption. Please check your reservation to see your new flight information.

Status Departure Arrival
City Scheduled Actual City Scheduled Estimated
 In flight   Atlanta (ATL)
  International Term
  Gate E6
 16 Apr
 16 Apr
  Madrid (MAD)
  Terminal 1
  Gate 72
 17 Apr
 17 Apr

Equipment Type:

Boeing 767-400 Passenger

Flight Distance:
Travel Time:

4322 miles
8 hr 46 min
First/Business Class Meals: Dinner Amenities:
Economy Class Meals: Dinner Amenities:
Movie: Yes

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Tracking Flight 108

The flight tracking data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration systems is accurate within the last few minutes. Due to federal regulations some flight plans may not be displayed.

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