Flights to Seattle

Seattle's rainy reputation precedes it, but you'll be hard-pressed to find something that will dampen your spirits once you get here. The Pacific Northwest's best known city, Seattle has a lush landscape that is primed for long drives just out of town, a coast that has a certain je ne sais quoi with its picturesque docks, piers and, on top of it all, a city culture that has made it one of the hippest locales on either coast. Travel on flights to Seattle with Delta and see for yourself why Seattle/Tacoma should be on your bucket list.

Fly to Seattle and Stop at the Spots

To know Seattle is to know the iconic Space Needle, The Crocodile, Pike's Place Market, the flagship Starbucks store and the Olympic Sculpture Garden. Seattle offers so much by way of the sights, but it's never overwhelming with generously interspersed parks like Kerry, Discovery and Waterfall Garden — offering serene settings perfect for an afternoon picnic or a quick pickup game or run.

A day trip to Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens will slow your pace. Mount Rainier is about an hour drive outside Seattle and  Mount St. Helens is not much farther after it. The volcano that blew it's top back in 1980 is about 1,000 feet smaller than it was prior to the explosion, but it still stands as one of the pivotal natural monuments of the state. Either park is a good way to take advantage of the camping, climbing and hiking that surround the Emerald City.

Feast your eyes not only on the sites of the lush city, but also on the fresh seafood that is served up at local restaurants around town. Try Palisade for an American-Polynesian blend, or grab some fish and chips at Sunfish. The city's iconic Pike Place Market sells fresh fish, so if you have access to a kitchen, duck into a market for a Seattle staple. And on the chance (or probability) that it's raining, keep warm with a cup of Joe from Starbucks®, Market Spice or the Crumpet Shop.