Flights to New Orleans

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY)

New Orleans is one of those cities that only gets better. There is no music scene more soulful. Its architecture is unique and centuries old. And there's more personality in a single block than most cities can assemble within their entire city limits. Its residents vary from white-linen-wearing gentility from the Garden District to old-school French Quarter residents, but what you’ll likely find common in all New Orleans natives is an interesting storyteller, chance-taker and loyal spirit.

Get Your Fill

Like a good roux, New Orleans is rich and flavorful. Hear, firsthand, the stories of challenge and triumph from post-Katrina. Watch as shrimpers work tirelessly to preserve their livelihoods in the Gulf. Savor a beignet as you stroll through the French Quarter. Plant yourself in the Napoleon House on Chartres (pronounced charters) for people watching — or just walk. The city is like one big museum. And if you like visiting museums, there are some fabulous ones, like the Ogden Museum of Southern History or the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Café du Monde is a must. Yes it's packed with energetic tourists, but the iced coffee and beignets are totally worth it. Eat like a native at Galatoire’s and experience how New Orleans spends its lunch hour (or two). Order a Sazerac (whiskey or brandy, bitters, simple syrup, absinthe and lemon twist) and crabmeat remoulade — it's OK, you’re on vacation! Fill up a week or pack a weekend by indulging in the best of New Orleans fare.