Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Nashville has a song for you, whether you’re a little bit country or a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. Why else would the Tennessee town be known as "Music City, USA"? If you stick around long enough, you’ll have your toe tapping to a new beat just walking around town.

Bring Your Appetite for Life

There are some givens: This is meat-eating country, which means you should ready your steak knives and bring along a bib for all the barbecue you can eat. Grits and homemade biscuits are a staple on many a Nashville menu. And we think with one taste of a grits soufflé, you’ll move to the South yourself. Luckily, Nashville is home to beautiful parks and green areas that are the perfect place to run off some of these indulgences.

History permeates this middle of Tennessee town’s bucolic surroundings, from Civil War landmarks to antebellum mansions to a former president’s grand estate. When you're finished wandering through the past, Nashville's quirky collection of high end department stores and local boutiques will net special mementos and a few items you can't live without. Visit the 12 South District to stroll the vintage stores and check out the works in the Art House gallery. Or carry a little of that country vibe back home with a hat, a pair of boots or a gift that simply sings to you.

Why fight it? Fill your eyes and ears with the country music that has made this town the pantheon of nitty-gritty bands. The Country Music Hall of Fame houses collections and oral history artifacts that tell the tall tales of country music from some of the finest people who ever worked in the genre. You'll strike just the right chord with a visit to the Grand Ole Opry, which belts notes to the heavens every week.