Cancún International Airport (CUN)

Cancún is a tourist’s paradise in the best sense of both words, with restaurants, beachfront clubs and resorts built to keep your dream of an island getaway alive. Whether you’re heading to Cancún with the whole family or on spring break, take advantage of the beachy fun at every stop.

The crystal clear blue waters of Cancún are perfect for taking in the extensive reef and colorful fish. Many independent snorkeling companies offer deep sea tours complete with all the equipment you’ll need to explore what lies underneath. And if you really want to see the depths, scuba diving tours take place with different companies throughout the island. Don’t forget to sign up to get certified before your trip!

Families Gone Wild

Family fun and Cancún might as well be synonymous. Resorts have private pools with water slides, lazy rivers and access to private beaches (not to mention many of these have organized activities for kiddos while you hit the spa or golf course). Make sure to look at what services different hotels offer to ensure you stay at the one that’s the best fit for your family.

After the sun sets, Cancún really comes alive. The city’s nightlife brings in spring breakers and vacationers who are looking to have a good time, and Cancún has just the place for them. It is important to scope out what spots you want to hit up before night falls. Many of the clubs fill up and have cover fees, so know your options so that you can enjoy a margarita or two.

Cancún was built to take you away, and whether you’re heading there for the sandy beaches, the nightlife or just to relax and rejuvenate, Cancún is the place to be.

For more fun in the Mexican sun and sand, you might want to explore Cozumel.