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Located about 15 miles offshore from Venezuela, Aruba is an island with white sand beaches, blue skies and crystal clear waters. The Dutch territory is a vacationers' paradise with resorts popping up all along the coastline to take advantage of the far-as-you-can-see views.

Get off the Map for Awhile

While the waterfront horizon is the image that appears on many Aruban postcards, the unmapped terrain also provides stunning views of the island. The Natural Pool called Conchi is a day trek that you'll need an ATV to reach. Located on the Windward Coast, Conchi is a concealed pool that feels like your own secret on the island. After you make a splash there, head to the mainland enclosed Arikok National Park, which is home to dozens of varieties of cacti, tropical flowers, plants and indigenous wildlife. Endless venues to hike, kayak, scuba dive, fish, sail or windsurf will whisper to you with the breeze. On sea and sand, Aruba really does have it all and it provides an alluring background for whether you plan to be active or idle.

Take time to enjoy the local tastes of Aruba. With so many different influences: the proximity to Venezuela, the traditional Dutch cooking styles and the impact of resorts and tourists, Aruba has restaurants to feed every appetite. Familiar chain restaurants exist throughout the island, but there are also native spots where you can dive into local delicacies and immerse yourself in the mix of influences that make this island a unique pleasure to behold.