U.S. Domestic & International Pet Travel

Whether your pet is traveling within the United States or to an international destination, we want to ensure a smooth travel experience. Shipping rates depend largely on the distance your pet will travel. See Pet Travel Shipping Rates, or for additional information, you may call the numbers listed below.

Pets traveling with passengers:

  • 800-221-1212 for flights within the United States
  • 800-241-4141 for international flights

Pets traveling unescorted:

  • 1-800-DL-CARGO (1-800-352-2746) to book your pet's travel arrangements

Pets To Hawaii

Hawaii requires that all live animals shipped or brought into the state have health and rabies inoculation certificates dated no more than ten days before travel begins. On Delta flights to Hawaii, pets will not be accepted as carry-on baggage.

Hawaiian quarantine facilities are located in Honolulu only; therefore, Delta cannot accept pets on nonstop flights to any other Hawaiian city. Delta does not participate in the Neighbor Island Dog and Cat Entry Program.


All cats and dogs are subject to a 120-day quarantine in Hawaii. If specific pre- and post-arrival requirements are met, your pet may qualify for a shorter (30-days or less) quarantine. Costs are charged to the pet owner and must be paid in full upon arrival. Payment methods include cashier's check, traveler's check, money order, personal check, or cash.

Seeing-eye dogs are accepted with certain provisions, including making advanced arrangements and verifying availability and cost. For further information, visit the Hawaii Department of Agriculture or call 808-483-7151.

International Pet Travel

Many countries have strict regulations regarding international pet travel. Remember to make arrangements in advance and:

  • Contact the embassy or consulate of the destination country to determine pet travel regulations.
  • Obtain all necessary paperwork (such as health certificates and documentation) regarding your pet's travel.
  • Contact your local veterinarian to ensure your pet is in compliance with foreign health regulations.
  • Check with the CDC about the importation of pets into the United States.
  • Check with APHIS about international animal export regulations.
  • Additional fees and charges may apply. Terminal handling charges, customs clearance fees, veterinarian service, and/or kennel storage fees are in addition to shipping rates and will be charged to the shipper or pet owner upon arrival at destination airport. All fees and charges must be paid in full prior to the release of animal.

European Union

South Africa


New Zealand


Hong Kong

Delta Restrictions

All international cargo shipments:

  • Must be brought to the Delta Cargo facility at least four hours prior to departure.
  • Require four hours transfer time from a domestic flight to an international flight. (Note: Live animal shipments for international transfers to other carriers are not accepted.)
  • Require kennels that have ventilation openings on three sides, in addition to the door opening.
  • Must be documented on a typed international air waybill available from Delta Cargo. If the air waybill must be typed at the Air Cargo facility, there will be an additional $10 fee.

Note: If your final destination is other than those listed above, contact your veterinarian for requirements specific to that country.

Restrictions on Boeing 757 Aircraft

Due to regulations from the European Union, live animals can no longer be carried on our Boeing 757 aircraft to/from Europe. If you have any questions about the transport of your pet to/from Europe please contact Reservation Sales at 1-800-221-1212.

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