Travelers with Disabilities

Delivering the best service and ensuring accessibility to all Delta customers is our primary concern. Our agents and attendants are always available to help passengers before boarding, in the air and at the destination airport. Learn more about the services we offer, then contact Reservations to request special assistance.

Also, tell us what we can do  best to meet your needs by contacting us at 404-209-3434.

Additional Assistance

For extra help, ask our customer service personnel for a Complaint Resolution Official (CRO). Our CROs have been specially trained and are aware of applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) disability regulations. Our CROs are available at all airport locations, and they will be glad to respond to your concerns. 

For assistance with your personal wheelchair or mobility device, please complete our online wheelchair handling form.


  • Accessibility & Assistance

    • Airport Accessibility

    • Airport Assistance

    • Aircraft Accessibility

    • In-flight Assistance

    • TTY/Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD)

    • Accompanying Safety Assistant Required for Certain Passengers

  • Reservations Requirements

    Reservations Requirements

    The sooner you make your reservations, the more time we have to prepare for your flight and get ready to meet all of your special needs. Most special services require at least one hour advance check in on the day of departure. Keep in mind that security screening and pre-boarding processes are likely to require more than an hour advance check in.

    We make every effort to accommodate your travel needs while also taking into consideration the health and safety of other passengers. Please review all the information in Special Travel Needs section or contact Delta Reservations with questions.

    To accommodate special requests, we need 48 hours advance notice and at least one hour advance check in on the day of departure if you:      

    • need to use an approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator during the flight.
    • require the packaging of a wheelchair battery for shipment as checked luggage.
    • are traveling with a group of 10 or more people with disabilities.

    Although we don't require information concerning the extent of your disability, the more facts you can share with us about your travel needs, the better we are able to assist you. Our reservations agents will be happy to discuss your specific requirements when you call. Should you require transfer assistance at a connecting point, let us know so we can arrange for a wheelchair to be available when you arrive.

    Medical Certificates

    Under certain conditions, you may need to present a medical certificate from a doctor. When you purchase your ticket, tell your reservations agent if you have one of the following conditions:     

    • You need medical oxygen.
    • You have a communicable disease or infection.
    • You have a medical condition where there is reasonable doubt that you cannot complete the flight safely without requiring extraordinary medical assistance during the flight.

    If you do have one of these conditions, obtain a medical certificate dated within 10 days of the flight from a certified medical doctor as follows:      

    • If you need medical oxygen , the medical certificate must state your need for oxygen and the rate of flow per minute required. There is a charge for onboard medical oxygen services.
    • If you have a communicable disease or infection, the medical certificate must state any conditions or precautions we must take to prevent transmission of the disease or infections. The certificate must also state that the disease or infection is not communicable to other people on the flight.
  • Special Concerns

    • Disability Seating

    • Service & Emotional Support Animals

    • Medicine

    • Onboard Medical Oxygen

    • Assistive Devices

    • Electric Field Therapy (EFT) Devices

    • Pregnant Travelers

    • Peanut Allergies

    • More Resources

  • Wheelchair Services

    • Delta Wheelchair Services

    • Personal Wheelchair Services

    • Aircraft Bin Doors Specifications

  • Customer Advisory Board on Disabilities

    Delta's Customer Advisory Board on Disability promotes accessibility for all of our customers by providing leadership in achieving our mission: Making Delta the carrier of choice for customers through operational excellence, “second mile” service and building emotional connections with the disability community.

    We’re proud to count the following leaders among the members of our Advisory Board:

    Shanti Aaron - Atlanta, Georgia
    Georgia Department of Labor

    Shanti Aaron is the Social Security programs manager for Georgia Department of Labor Vocational Rehabilitation Services. She holds a MS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Vocational Rehabilitation, as well as post-graduate certification in Management. She has worked in all facets of Vocational Rehabilitation for twenty plus years. Ms. Aaron has served on a variety of Boards and Committees as an advocate for persons with disabilities.

    Lydia Graber - Lansing, Michigan
    Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns

    Ms. Graber has served as a board member since April 2002. She has been a member of the Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns since 1993 and served as chair from 1996 to 2003. MCDC has 21 governor-appointed commissioners who serve in an advisory capacity and provide the perspectives of people with disabilities, the business community and professional service providers.

    J. R. Harding, Ph.D. - Tallahassee, Florida
    External Affairs Manager, Agency for People with Disabilitiesopens in a new window


    J.R. Harding received his doctorate in education from Florida State University. He is a nationally-recognized disability expert on ADA regulations, work, transportation and independent living. He is the external affairs manager for the Florida Agency of Persons with Disabilities currently serves on the US Access Board (two-time presidential appointee), Chairman of the Commission for Transportation Disadvantage and Vice Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities. He has extensive rule making experience with both the federal and state governments regarding disability policy. He is recognized as the first person with a significant disability (quadriplegia) to graduate from Leadership Florida and Leadership Tallahassee. He co-founded the Florida Disability Mentoring Day initiative. He frequently volunteers for the Big Bend Business leadership network and the various leadership programs throughout the city and state.

    Michael Harris - Novi, Michigan
    Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) - Michigan

    Michael F. Harris is Executive Director of the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America. PVA members are honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Services who have incurred spinal cord injury or disease resulting in paralysis and are dependent upon the use of a wheelchair for mobility. He has served on the Customer Advisory Board at Northwest Airlines since 2001.

    Minna Hong - Atlanta, Georgia
    Shepherd Center

    Minna A. Hong is the SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) Peer Support Coordinator at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also a Board Member of Disability Resource Group and distribution committee member for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund, GA. She also serves as a guest lecturer for Emory University, the University of Georgia, Mercer University and Georgia State University's physical therapy, occupational therapy and physician assistant students. Minna is a spinal cord injury survivor, wife and mother of two young adults.

    Patrick Maher - Chicago, Illinois
    National Spinal Cord Injury Association

    Patrick Maher is the President of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association's board of directors. As Managing Director for nAblement of SPR, an IT solutions firm, Pat develops opportunities for organizations to hire qualified IT professionals with disabilities for a wide range of IT support needs. He also serves on the Spinal Cord Leaders Council, Illinois Institute of Technology Rehab Psychology Advisory Board, Illinois Technology Foundation Advisory Board and Abilitylinks Steering and Education committees.

    David Nelson - Washington, DC
    National Association of the Deaf (NAD)

    David Nelson is President of the DC Association of the Deaf and has been with NAD since 1978. He has received the organization's most prestigious award: the Fred C. Schreiber Distinguished Service Award. David is Disability Outreach Officer in Government Affairs & Corporate Communications at the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak). He is responsible for providing accessibility information and outreach activities to the disability community. He holds a bachelor's degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, as well as degrees from National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID) and Florida School for the Deaf and Blind.

    Grover Evans, PhD. - Little Rock, Arkansas
    Evans & Associates of Arkansasopens in a new window

    Grover Evans is the founder and CEO of Evans and Associates of Arkansas. He served as special consultant for system design for Arkansas Rehabilitation Services and Department of Health and Human Service. He is the former Director of Disability Determination for the Social Security Administration for Arkansas. Grover was inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame, Arkansas Swimming Hall of Fame, publisher and author of numerous articles on wellness, goal setting and other health related issues. He and his wife, Helen have two children and a granddaughter.

    Jay Stiteley - Morristown, NJ
    The Seeing Eye

    Jay serves with "The Seeing Eye" staff in Morristown, NJ. as Associate Manager, directing field representatives. He speaks throughout the United States and Canada, about the program, policies and working philosophy of The Seeing Eye. Jay was the Director of the National Technology Program for the American Foundation for the Blind for three years, assisting education and rehabilitation professionals in the field of blindness and promoting effective use of computer access technology. Prior to joining AFB, Jay worked for The Seeing Eye as Field Representative for six years. 

    Glen W. White, Ph.D - Lawrence, Kansas
    RTC/IL University of Kansas

    Glen is Director of the Research & Training Center on Independent Living at the University of Kansas, serving as Principal Investigator of the Research and Training Center on Full Participation in Independent Living. He conducts research on housing, advocacy and developing community support for Independent Living Centers;  for the past several years he has been developing a systematic line of research in the area of prevention of secondary conditions. He is past president of the National Association of Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers, past Chair of the American Public Health Association's Disability Forum and serves as an adviser and consultant to many national organizations. Dr. White is Professor of Applied Behavioral Science, where he teaches behavioral, community psychology and disability studies.

    Al Kaufman - Atlanta, Georgia
    Center for the Visually Impaired

    Al is an orientation and mobility instructor for the Center for the Visually Impaired, providing comprehensive services to promote independence with dignity and the preservation of self worth for individuals of all ages who are blind or visually impaired. Al has led groups in the outreach program with CVI since its inception in 2002.

    Michell Haas - Little Rock, Arkansas
    Travelin'Wheels, LLCopens in a new window

    Michell Haase is founder and CEO of Travelin'Wheels, created to advance Accessible and Inclusive Tourism by educating consumers with disabilities on the resources and facilities available to them, as well as providing consultation to the hospitality industry on how to increase consumer satisfaction and marketing reach in the disability community. Prior to the creation of Travelin'Wheels, Ms. Haase served in a variety of strategic and operational roles within Motorola and Ticketmaster for over 20 years while participating actively in the disability community. Ms. Haase is the mother of a young adult who is a Paralympic hopeful that uses a wheelchair full time. She and her family live in Schaumburg, Illinois.

    Catherine Graham - Columbia, South Carolina
    University of South Carolina – School of Medicineopens in a new window

    Ms. Graham is the Rehabilitation Engineer for the University of South Carolina inter agency Office of Disability and Health and as such conducts accessibility assessments for primary care providers, instructs 2nd and 3rd year medical students on health care for people with disabilities, instructs architects and building code officials on ADA codes and works with emergency management to ensure people with disabilities are incorporated into preparedness plans and responses. As owner of her ADA Consulting group for 20 years, Ms. Graham provides assessments and transition plans for businesses and organizations throughout the United States. She is an active member of the South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association as well as the SC Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund which promotes research to develop better understanding of causes and effective treatment strategies for paralysis, sensory loss, and other consequences of spinal cord injury and disease. Catherine is a volunteer with PAALS (Palmetto Animal Assistance Life Services), the only ADI accredited service dog training organization in South Carolina and a previous service dog owner. Catherine has been a manual wheelchair user since 1987 and resides in Blythewood, South Carolina.

    Carol Gray - Zeeland, Michigan
    Gray Center for Social Learning & Understandingopens in a new window

    Carol Gray is the director of the Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding in Zeeland, Michigan. She has completed over 22 years of employment with Jenison Public Schools in Jenison, Michigan, initially as a teacher with students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and in recent years as a consultant to students with ASD in inclusive educational programs. In 1991, Carol developed Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations, strategies that are used worldwide with children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders. She has published several resources on topics related to children and adults with ASD, including bullying, death and dying and how to teach social understanding. Carol is the recipient of the Barbara Lipinski Award for her international contribution to the education and welfare of people with ASD.

  • Air Carrier Access Act

    Air Carrier Access Act

    The Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in air travel and requires air carriers to accommodate the needs of passengers with disabilities. A copy of 14 CFR Part 382 is available in an accessible format from the US Department of Transportation.

    By DOT Hotline
    Via the DOT Hotline for calls within the United States: 800-778-4838 or 800-455-9880 (TTY)

    By Telephone
    Via the Aviation Consumer Protection Division: 202-366-2220 (voice) or 202-366-0511(TTY)

    By Mail
    Air Consumer Protection Division
    C-75, US Department of Transportation
    1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
    West Building Room W96-432
    Washington, DC 20590

    Via the Aviation Consumer Protection Division web siteopens in a new window

    To learn more, access the Department of Transportation regulations on Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel (PDF)opens in a new window

  • Traveling With Disabilities For Wheelchair Users