Booking a Flight Online lets you arrange your travel safely and securely by providing you with real-time schedule and fare information. Once you've selected your itinerary, you'll be asked for your credit/debit card to secure your online booking.

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  • TSA Secure Flight Program

    TSA Secure Flight Program

    Secure Flight is a program developed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to enhance the security of domestic and international commercial air travel. The Secure Flight program requires passengers to provide specific information for all U.S. air travel. Learn more about how this mandatory requirement may affect your travel reservation.

  • Syncing Your SkyMiles Name and Saved TSA Secure Flight Name

    Syncing your Skymiles Name and Saved TSA Secure Flight Name

    The passenger name when booking your reservation is required to be the same as the Secure Flight full name provided to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Please ensure this name matches your government-issued identification that you will present at the airport when traveling.

    If the name in your SkyMiles account does not match your saved TSA Secure Flight name, you will have a one-time opportunity to update your name online.  To do so, login to My Profile and walk through the steps.  You may also call 1-888-750-3284 for assistance.

    If you have already used your one-time opportunity to update your name on, learn how to get your name corrected.  

    If you are booking for another SkyMiles member, please note that each SkyMiles member must update the account individually.

  • Booking Flights on

    Booking Flights on

    You can purchase your tickets instantly with a credit/debit card at when your credit/debit card bill is received in any of these countries and territories.

    Complete your online booking at and you will be contacted by a Delta representative to finalize the transaction if you receive your credit card bill in the following countries. Some reservations will require you to come into one of our ticket office locations to make payment.

    • Colombia
    • South Africa

    If you receive your credit/debit card bill in another country, contact one of our ticket office locations or a travel agent to purchase your ticket. Be sure to see Credit Card Presentation (below) to see if the purchaser will need to show us their credit card and ID.

  • Paying For Your Ticket

    Paying for your Ticket

    When purchasing tickets at, immediate payment with a credit or debit card is required at the time of online booking.

    Credit/Debit Cards

    The following credit/debit cards are accepted:

    • American Express
    • Diners Club
    • Discover® Network
    • JCB
    • MasterCard
    • UATP
    • Visa

    We are unable to accept certain foreign-issued Diners Club cards. In addition, one-time use credit/debit card numbers provided by some credit/debit card companies are permitted only if tickets are purchased at least 6 days before departure.

    Debit Cards

    Debit cards are accepted for ticket payment, but here are some details to keep in mind:

    • Some banks may limit your per-transaction amount.
    • Delays can occur when charges are reversed on a debit card.
    • Bank processing times vary for removing the hold against your account.

    Please check with your bank before purchasing.

    Delta eCredits

    eCredits are electronic vouchers that can be applied toward the payment of your ticket for travel on Delta Air Lines, Delta Shuttle, Delta Connection and Delta designated codeshare flights. They are only valid for payment of tickets and government imposed taxes and fees. They are not valid for other types of fees and they do not have any cash value.

    eCredits can be redeemed here at or at any Delta ticketing location. When you use there's no transaction fee. A fee does apply when using any other location. Most eCredits cannot be redeemed at travel agencies, other airlines or other travel web sites. Each eCredit has its own set of Terms & Conditions and may vary based on date of issue.

    Examples of eCredit types:

    Travel Credit Voucher (TCV)
    Delta Travel Voucher (DTV)
    Delta Dollars (DBC)
    Miscellaneous Charge Order (MCO)
    Unused or partially used past date tickets
    Electronic Gift Certificates

    Paper vouchers cannot be redeemed online. To redeem a paper voucher, visit a Delta ticket counter at the airport or a Delta Ticket Office.


    PayPal is a secure, quick and easy form of online payment that provides the security and convenience of paying with your bank or credit/debit card without entering your account number. PayPal is currently offered as a payment option for new tickets purchased at for US customers, and is only valid for eligible bookings. Contact PayPal for additional information and to enroll.

    PayPal Credit

    PayPal Credit is the quick, easy, secure way to pay online without using your credit/debit card. Simply choose this option at checkout, enter requested information, and in a few easy steps you’re done. You'll receive a bill in the mail. PayPal Credit offers flexible terms, that allow you to choose to pay in full or over time. Subject to credit approval. PayPal Credit is currently offered as a payment option for new tickets purchased at for U.S. customers. Visit PayPal Credit to learn more.


    Alipay, China’s leading third-party online payment solution, is available as a form of payment when the outbound flight originates from either the United States or from China.  Customers must have an account set up with Alipay before attempting to use it on Contact Alipay for additional information and to enroll.

    Online Banking

    Online Banking is a popular form of payment in many European countries and Asian countries. This payment method is available when the outbound flight originates in one of the following countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom. Payment services include iDeal, ING, eNETS, Nordea, and Direct E-banking (SOFORT). Customers must already have an account with an approved bank before attempting to use Online Banking on

  • Seat Selection

    Seat Selection

    With our online interactive seat map, you can confirm your seat in three mouse clicks. In some cases, seat assignments are made automatically based upon your preference for a window or aisle seat, noted in your profile.

    If your seating preference is not available, "NA" will appear in the "Seat Assignment" column of your itinerary. In this case, you will receive your seat during check-in on the date of departure.

    We accommodate the seating requirements of customers with certain types of disabilities. This could result in the occasional need to change another individual's pre-assigned seat, with bulkhead seats being particularly subject to reassignment. We appreciate your cooperation in these special circumstances.

    Please note, all passengers who select a Basic Economy (E booking class) fare, including Medallion members, will not be able to select seats prior to check-in.

  • Credit/Debit Card Presentation

    Credit/Debit Card Presentation

    To safeguard against credit/debit card fraud, the purchaser may have to show us the credit/debit card along with a valid photo ID. The time varies based on the billing address of the credit/debit card or the country of travel. If the purchaser is not traveling, they can show us their credit/debit card and ID at an airport ticket counter or another ticket office location, whichever is most convenient.

  • Deliveries

    Mailing and Billing Address

    You must have the same mailing and billing address to purchase a ticket with a credit/debit card.

    College/University Addresses

    You can use your college/university room number for your mailing address if it is the same as your credit/debit card billing address.

    Ticket or Receipt Delivery

    Most of our tickets are now electronic so you'll receive a receipt to your email address. In a few circumstances, it may be necessary to send a paper ticket or electronic ticket receipt through a delivery service. These services are usually only available for Monday through Friday delivery and cannot deliver to a P.O. box or P.O. drawer number.

    Elite Special Members

    When you book at, the Elite Special Member Services line will not be able to mail your ticket to a location other than your billing address on record.

  • Voluntary Provision of Emergency Services Program

    Voluntary Provision of Emergency Services Program

    The Delta Air Lines Voluntary Provisions of Emergency Service Program permits qualified law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians to volunteer services during in-flight emergencies. Interested and qualified customers should contact Reservation Sales agent prior to departure or contact the Customer Service Agent at their departure gate for more details.