Lights, camera, action! Get ready for show time with Delta Studio™, our industry-leading suite of onboard entertainment options, including the latest movies, live satellite TV, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, games and thousands of songs. Kick back and watch it all via in-flight streaming, our seat-back screens or overhead screens. All content is free for First Class and Delta Comfort+™ passengers on all flights. On international flights, all selections are free on the seat-back screens. Domestic Main Cabin passengers will enjoy more free content than ever before and also a variety of premium content for purchase on both the seat-back screens and streaming to their own devices. With Delta Studio, take advantage of more free onboard entertainment options on more flights than any other U.S. airline.

Always remember, entertainment options may vary by aircraft and route. Check our listings to make sure your aircraft or route is included.


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Check out on-demand in-flight entertainment accessible by a variety of personal electronic devices. See a List of Approved Devices and Learn More



seat-back screens

Enjoy on-demand in-flight entertainment at your fingertips. See What's Playing


Overhead Screens

Watch pre-programmed in-flight entertainment. What's Free on Your Flight


In-flight Streaming

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Now you can watch what you want, when you want — so stream away to enjoy a variety of movies and TV shows delivered straight to your laptop, iPhone®, iPad® or Android® tablet device. In-Flight streaming is a new service from Delta Studio available through Delta Connect or the Fly Delta App players (and be sure to download a player before takeoff to have more in-flight streaming time). The content is stored onboard the aircraft to insure quality streaming, and a Gogo internet session is not required to watch videos.

In-flight streaming is only available on select domestic aircraft while within the domestic Wi-Fi coverage zone.



The League

Choose from a number of popular, Emmy-winning TV shows and enjoy original digital and web content.

See What's On*

*Content may vary by flight.


Hot Pursuit

Watch the latest new releases.

Check It Out*

*Content may vary by flight.


Seat-Back Screens

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Our advanced, touch-screen digital entertainment system, located right at your seat, puts you in charge of your entertainment options. Choose from up to 300 movies, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, 18 channels of live satellite TV on select flights, 2500+ songs, TV and games, including in-flight trivia. Now that's entertainment.

Always remember, entertainment options may vary by aircraft and route. Check our listings to make sure your aircraft or route is included.

See What’s Playing


Mr. Robot

Choose from a number of popular, Emmy-winning TV shows and enjoy original digital and web content.

See What's On


Jurassic World

Watch the latest new releases.

Check It Out


Charlie Puth

No matter your taste in music, we'll have a song or playlist you'll dig.

Listen Up


Overhead Screens

Overhead video

Our overhead movies are a great way to pass the time. That’s why we offer some of Hollywood’s latest blockbusters for your entertainment. From dramas and comedies to action movies and thrillers, we’ll do our best to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Terms & Conditions

Entertainment options may vary by aircraft and route. Check our listings at to make sure your aircraft or route is included.  Entertainment prices may be changed at any time. In-Flight Streaming entertainment valid on all Domestic 2-Class Wi-Fi equipped aircraft.

Delta One™, First Class and Delta Comfort+ passengers can get access to complimentary premium content via In-Flight Streaming entertainment by validating their seat numbers on the Delta Connect portal.

Delta is not responsible for outages of In-Flight Streaming service.  For issues with streaming service, contact Gogo customer service.  In-Flight Streaming entertainment is subject to Terms of Use, accessible via the Delta Connect portal available in-flight.



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Stay Connected

You’ll find Wi-Fi (where available) on more Delta domestic daily flights than any other airline. That means you can check your inbox, get work to-dos done or simply surf the web to pass the time. Travelling internationally? We’re currently launching Wi-Fi service on those routes and expect to be complete by the middle of 2016.


Free shopping, news, flight info and more. Delta Wi-Fi Portal is the in-air experience that keeps you entertained and up to date — all from 30,000 feet. Enjoy free access to everything from exclusive shopping deals and breaking news to the flight tracker at


With an in-flight Wi-Fi Mobile Pass available for as low as $1.95, it’s even easier to stay connected in the clouds. Send and receive mobile messages via apps like Apple iMessage®, Blackberry® Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts™ and Facebook Messenger. Or, you can email and browse the web — all from your smartphone. Purchase a Wi-Fi Mobile Pass once above 10,000 feet to start surfing.


Get it all on the Internet with your Delta Wi-Fi Pass. When you're in the air and online, you're connected to all the things that matter. Simply purchase a Delta Wi-Fi Pass before you go, or through Delta Wi-FI portal once onboard. It's that easy!


Want Wi-Fi when you fly? Get your 24-hour, monthly or annual in-flight Wi-Fi pass today and log in right away when in the air.
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