Our check-in options take convenience to new heights. To fit your situation (or your mood), there are five different ways you can check in on any given traveling day.


  • Online

    Why wait until you get to the airport? See how you can use online check-in (see below) to print your boarding passes from home any time within 24 hours of your flight. And at certain airports, you can go completely paperless by having an eBoarding Pass delivered to your mobile device.

    Check In Now

    How to Use Online Check-in
    Within 24 hours of your flight departure, you can check in from your computer in four steps or less:

    1) Select “Check In” on the homepage or at the bottom of any page on (Look, it’s there right now!)

    2) Submit your SkyMiles, confirmation, credit card or ticket number to access your itinerary. At this time you can select passengers and number of bags and make any necessary changes (e.g.: view/change seat assignments and upgrade status or pay for excess baggage, if applicable).

    3) Print your boarding passes if you prefer to have them on paper. Or, at certain airports, you can go paperless and have an eBoarding Pass delivered right to your mobile device. Learn more about mobile check-in and see where it's available. If you're not ready to print, you will be able to come back and print (or re-print) your boarding pass(es) at any time.

    4) When you get to the airport, drop off your checked baggage at the nearest baggage drop marked with red "Baggage Drop" signage, or at the curbside check-in station.

    Note: For travel outside of the United States, you will have your passport credentials checked by a Delta agent prior to boarding.

  • Fly Delta App & Mobile

    Need to check in on the go?  No problem.  The Fly Delta app makes it easy to check in for your flight from the palm of your hand.  Download the app on your smartphone, and when it's time to check in, simply access it to:

    • Check in
    • Get your eBoarding Pass
    • Pay for your bags

    It's free to download and always free to use in flight.  Go ahead, download it now and see all the other exciting things it can do.  Get the Fly Delta app now.

    Don't have the Fly Delta app?  That's okay, you can still check in on the go by visiting on your smartphone.

    eBoarding Pass
    If you are departing from an eBoarding Pass eligible city, make sure to select the eBoarding Pass option when checking in.  Your eBoarding Pass will be sent to your mobile device.  Then all you have to do is present it to TSA Security and the gate agent for scanning.  It's easy and eco-friendly!

  • Airport Kiosk

    Our airport kiosks can help you do everything you'd normally do at the counter — faster and easier.

    Checking in via the Kiosk
    You can check in using the kiosk, any time within 24 hours of your flight.

    • Find your itinerary by inserting your SkyMiles card, passport or any credit card (with the same name as the traveler), scanning the barcode on your printed Delta itinerary or select TYPE on the kiosk screen and enter your confirmation, ticket or SkyMiles number.
    • If more than one passenger is traveling in the same reservation; select the passengers who are checking in.
    • From the Trip Summary you can make a change to an earlier flight, upgrade your seats or cabin, check bags, add Trip Extras or simply Continue to complete check in.
    • Take your printed boarding passes and any receipts you need for your records.
    • That's it — you've completed your airport check-in. Now bring your checked bags to the nearest baggage drop (marked by a red Baggage Drop sign) and proceed to security.

    Did you know if your next or return trip is within 24 hours, you will be offered the option to check in for the flight from the kiosk!

  • Airport Curbside

    Available in approximately 100 U. S. locations, curbside check-in is the most convenient way to check in for your flight and check your bags — without having to drag them through a crowded airport.

    Checking-in Curbside
    First things first. Drive to the airport and pull up to the curb. The rest is cake.

    1) Present your photo ID along with your confirmation number, destination, flight number or eTicket number to one of our Skycaps.

    2) Hand your checked bags to the Skycap, grab your boarding pass and head to security. It's that easy.

    There is no fee for using curbside check-in at the airport, but gratuities are always appreciated for outstanding service.