Declaring Baggage Value

Liability for lost, delayed, or damaged baggage is limited unless you have purchased a higher valuation for your checked baggage. You can extend your baggage value for a fee at check-in if you wish. Here are the details:


Type of Liability

Liability Limits

*SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is an International Monetary Fund unit of currency. SDR's will be converted to U.S. Dollars using the rate in effect on the mishandled baggage settlement date.

Domestic Liability Limit

$3,400 per ticketed passenger

International Liability Limit (governed by the Warsaw Convention)

$9.07 per lb. up to $640 per bag (U.S. Dollars)

International Liability Limit (governed by the Montreal Convention)

1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per ticketed passenger*

Despite our best efforts, it’s possible that your luggage shows evidence of wear and tear at the end of its journey. We must state that Delta assumes no liability for minor cuts, scratches, and dents, or for items that protrude from luggage, such as retractable handles, wheels, etc.

Here are all of the liability restrictions and exceptions:

  • Maximum liability is not automatic — damage or loss value must be proven.
  • No maximum liability applies to wheelchairs or assistive devices.
  • Delta is not liable for unsuitably packed items.
  • Delta is not liable for loss, damage, or delay of baggage that may result from a security search conducted by any local, state, or federal agency.

All items with declared excess value may be inspected by the check-in agent.

Excess Valuation

Delta Air Lines is not liable for checked or unchecked baggage in excess of the limits described above unless you decide to claim excess valuation on your belongings. Here are the details if you decide to declare a higher valuation:

  • The declared value may not exceed $5,000.
  • The item is properly described and properly packaged and undamaged.
  • You pay an excess value fee at check-in.

The excess valuation charge is applicable only when the declared value is greater than the applicable liability limit.

Domestic Excess Valuation Charges

(Continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands)


Total Amount of Declared Value

Fee Paid at Check-in


$3400.01 to $4000.00


$4000.01 to $5000.00


International Excess Valuation Charges

(Bermuda, Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa)


Total Amount of Declared Value

Fee Paid at Check-in


up to $1000.00


$1000.01 to $2000.00


$2000.01 to $3000.00


$3000.01 to $4000.00


$4000.01 to $5000.00


Delta is not responsible or liable for cash, camera equipment, commercial effects, computer software and equipment, electronic equipment, fragile articles, jewelry, lifesaving medication, negotiable papers, irreplaceable business documents, works of art or other similar valuable items contained in checked or unchecked baggage. These types of items should be carried on — and kept in sight.

Delta will only collect excess valuation for declared baggage from your point of origin to:

  • a Delta destination
  • the first Delta stopover
  • your point of transfer to another carrier

Note: You must re-declare and pay the applicable charges each time you check your excess baggage.

See Delta's Contract of Carriage for complete Baggage Liability rules.


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