Reservations & Ticketing FAQs

Booking Online

Why should I purchase at instead of somewhere else?

When you purchase your ticket at, you will avoid direct ticketing charges and online booking fees charged by other travel websites. We guarantee you will find the lowest Delta fares available online on - or your money back.

Can I make my reservation at and purchase my ticket later?

No. You must purchase your ticket when you make your reservation at We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover® Network, Carte Blanche, JCB, Delta Equity Card, Diners Club, UATP, PayPal and PayPal Credit.

Can I purchase tickets at for travelers other than myself?

Yes. You may purchase tickets at for up to nine passengers.

Can I select a seat during booking on

Yes. After selecting your flights and providing the passenger information, you will be given the opportunity to choose among available seats – look for the "Select Seats" link on Step 4: Review and Purchase. You may also select or change your seats at any time by visiting My Trips.

What is the difference between searching by price and searching by schedule?

We offer the ability to search for flights by Price or by Schedule on our Advanced Booking Page. Searching by Price will show you the best fares for the markets and times you have selected and we will show you the price upfront. Searching by Schedule will present a comprehensive list of flights for your search criteria. However, we will only show the price after you have selected all of the flights for your trip.

I have a specific flight I am searching for, but I do not see it in the flight results on How can I find it?

If you are looking for a specific flight, searching by Schedule offers a comprehensive list of flights for the search criteria you have provided. We offer search by Schedule on our Advanced Booking Page. We also offer a variety of search options on the Advanced Booking Page as well as sort and filter options on the results pages that may help narrow down your search.

Can I view different pricing options for the flights I have selected on

Yes. If searching for the lowest fares, we will also search for the lowest refundable Economy fare and the lowest fare in First/Business class. If those fares are available, you may view them by clicking on the "More Price Options" link on the flight results pages.

Can I make a reservation with my SkyMiles on

Yes. Simply click the "Book SkyMiles Award Ticket" checkbox on our homepage or Advanced Booking Page to shop for an Award Ticket. Once you've selected your itinerary and logged on with your SkyMiles number and PIN, you'll be asked for your credit card to secure your reservation and ticket. Award Travel on is limited to travel on Delta, Delta Connection®, Aeromexico, Air France, Alaska, Hawaiian, KLM, Korean Air and Virgin Australia International Airlines.

What is Pay with Miles and how can I use it?

Pay with Miles is an exclusive benefit for Gold and Platinum Delta SkyMiles and Delta Reserve Credit Cardmembers that allows you to redeem your miles towards all or part of Delta ticket. Make sure you are logged in with your SkyMiles account number and PIN before searching for flights, and we will mark which flights are Pay with Miles eligible. On the Trip Summary page you will be able to select money, miles, or a combination of both. For more information visit Pay with Miles.

Can I make a hotel reservation at

Yes. Get the best rates and earn milies when you reserve a hotel room online.

Can I rent a car at

Yes. Earn miles when you rent a car online and have the car waiting for you at your airport destination.

Cancelations & Changes

I made my reservation at and I can no longer make the trip. Do I need to cancel the reservation? How do I do this?

Yes. You must cancel the reservation. You'll receive a credit for future travel less a cancellation fee, or a refund for the unused ticket depending on the rules of your fare. You may cancel your reservation online at My Trips or contact Reservations for assistance.

I purchased a ticket and cannot make one of my flights. Will my reservation be canceled?

All flights in an itinerary must be taken in the order purchased, otherwise your entire reservation is subject to cancellation. If you're unable to make one of your flights, contact Reservations on or before your travel date. A change fee and additional collection may apply to change your ticket. See Fares for additional information.

I purchased a ticket and now I need to make a change. How do I do this, and how much will it cost?

If you are traveling on Delta, Delta Connection®, and Delta Shuttle®, you can change your ticket here at Go to My Trips change your ticket. If you are traveling on our airline partners you will need to contact Reservations to change your ticket. To expedite your call, have your ticket information available.Ticket change fees vary, so see Change Fees for more details. A fare difference may also apply.

SkyMiles Upgrades

I am a Medallion® member and would like to upgrade from Economy into First or Business Class. What should I do?

You can request a one-class Medallion upgrade at for eligible flights during or after your ticket purchase. Both require that you log in using your SkyMiles number and PIN. For more details, see Unlimited Complimentary Medallion Upgrades.

Ways to Pay

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a secure, quick, and easy online payment method that provides the security and convenience of paying with your bank or credit card without entering your account number. PayPal is currently offered as a payment option for new tickets purchased at for U.S. customers. Contact PayPal for additional information and to enroll.

Are there any restrictions when using PayPal?

PayPal is currently not available as a payment option for Award Tickets or reissued tickets for U.S.-based customers. Please refer to PayPal for additional information related to the PayPal payment product.

What is PayPal Credit?

PayPal Credit is the quick, easy, secure way to pay online without using your credit card. Simply choose this option at checkout, enter requested information, and in a few easy steps you're done. You'll receive a bill in the mail. PayPal Credit offers flexible terms, that allow you to choose to pay in full or over time. Subject to credit approval. Visit PayPal Credit to learn more.

Are there any restrictions when using PayPal Credit?

PayPal Credit is not offered as a payment option for itineraries originating outside the U.S. PayPal Credit is currently not available as a payment option for Award Tickets or reissued tickets for U.S.-based customers. Please refer to PayPal Credit for additional information related to the PayPal Credit payment product.

Can I apply the value of an unused ticket or travel voucher as credit towards a ticket purchase at

Yes. The remaining value of an unused ticket can be used towards a ticket purchase. Delta Travel Vouchers (DTV) and Electronic Miscellaneous Charge Orders (EMCO) can be used at as well. During the reservations process you will have an opportunity to use either of these voucher types as a form of payment. Please refer to eCredits and Certificates for additional information.

Basic Economy Fare

What is a Basic Economy fare?

Basic Economy (E booking class) is our newest and lowest fare offering. When you purchase Basic Economy, you will enjoy our lowest available fare, but you will not be able to select your seat in advance nor change or refund your ticket after the Risk Free Cancellation period.

Why is Delta introducing this type of fare?

Basic Economy offers a new choice for travelers who, first and foremost, want the lowest fare. The fare is a great option for those passengers who do not plan to change their ticket and who put less of a value on having an advance seat assignment.

How can I purchase this Basic Economy fare?

You can purchase a Basic Economy fare via all Delta distribution channels, including, Delta Reservations and travel agencies.

Will Basic Economy fares be available for all flights?

Basic Economy fares will be available in select markets in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.

With a Basic Economy fare, can I make changes to my flight(s)?

Basic Economy does not permit voluntary changes.

Does Risk Free Cancel apply to the Basic Economy fare?

Yes, within the Risk Free Cancellation period, a Basic Economy fare may be cancelled.

Will Same-day Standby or Same-day Confirmed be available on Basic Economy fares?

Yes. Our Same-day Standby or Same-day Confirmed options will be available and all normal rules apply. Click Same-day Travel Changes for additional information.

What if I'm traveling on a Basic Economy fare and my flight is cancelled or delayed?

If your flight is cancelled and you choose to no longer travel, you may request a refund. Refunds are permitted for flight delays of 90 minutes or more for domestic tickets and for tickets for travel between the U.S. and Canada. If the flight delay is caused by weather, labor disputes, earthquakes, volcanoes, security shutdowns, or other factors beyond Delta's control, Delta is only obligated to refund the ticket and is not required to provide other amenities or compensation.

When can I get a seat assignment on a Basic Economy fare?

Your seat will be auto-assigned when you check in for a flight via or any Delta airport kiosk. You may check in via or a Delta airport kiosk 24 hours in advance to the flight's scheduled departure time. At check in you may purchase any available Preferred Seat.

What if a seat is not assigned to me at time of check in?

A seat request boarding pass will be issued which can be used to clear airport security. Your seat assignment will be assigned at the gate.

Am I more likely to be denied boarding from an overbooked flight if I'm flying on a Basic Economy fare?

The Basic Economy fare will have the same policies and procedures as any other fare class when in an overbooked flight situation.

Can Medallion® members select a seat assignment if the purchase a Basic Economy fare?

We will auto-assign a seat when a Medallion member checks in for the flight. If a Preferred Seat is available at that time, we will assign it to the Medallion member at no cost.

Are there any differences in SkyMiles® benefits received by members on a Basic Economy fare compared to other Economy tickets?

With the exception of advance seat assignments, you are eligible for all SkyMiles benefits, including mileage and MQM accrual and complimentary Medallion upgrades when applicable.

Are group bookings eligible for Basic Economy fares?

No, group travel is not eligible for Basic Economy fares.

Will American Express SkyMiles Companion certificates qualify for Basic Economy fares?

No, SkyMiles Companion certificates are not eligible for E fare class fares. For additional information, please refer to the SkyMiles Companion Certificate terms and conditions.

Itinerary & Seat Assignments

I purchased my ticket at, did not print my itinerary, and forgot to write down my confirmation number. What should I do?

If you have your SkyMiles number and PIN, you can view your itinerary at My Trips. You can also contact Reservations for assistance. Be ready to tell us your name, flight number (if you know it), travel date, and cities.

I have a friend that is traveling on the same flight with me and I need to change my seat assignment. How do I do this?

You can change your seat assignment at by selecting My Trips, or you can contact Reservations.

Are there any situations where my assigned seat might be reassigned?

We accommodate the seating requirements of customers with certain types of disabilities. This could result in the occasional need to change another individual's assigned seat, with bulkhead seats being particularly subject to reassignment. We appreciate your cooperation in these special circumstances.

I booked with Delta, but I noticed that one of my flights was operated by another airline. Can you explain this to me?

We have partnerships with different airlines to offer you flights to as much of the globe as possible. One type of partnership is called codeshare, where the flight is operated by another airline but sold using the DL airline code. In addition to our joint venture partners Air France-KLM and Alitalia, we also have several regional airline partners called Delta Connection® carriers. To learn more, visit Flight Partners. We also occasionally may offer connections to other airlines sold under the other carrier's airline code. If so, terms and conditions may apply.

Best Deals

What factors determine the price of a ticket, and how can I get the best deal?

A lot of things go into the mix that result in the different fares you see. Market demand, competition, and costs all have an impact. To get the best deal, be flexible with your travel dates and times and plan your trip early to take advantage of advance-purchase sale fares.

I don't understand the fare rule that was displayed when I purchased my ticket. Where can I get an explanation?

Contact Reservations for the explanation of your fare rule. Be sure to have your name, flight number, and travel date ready to give to the representative.

I purchased my ticket at and found a lower fare elsewhere. Can I cancel?

Yes. You can cancel your itinerary from My Trips if it qualifies for Risk-free Cancellation.

Where can I find the best deals on airfares?

A good place to start is our Deals & Offers page. Not only are there great deals on flights throughout the world but you can sign up to receive email alerts when new sale fares become available.

Where can I find the best vacation for my family?

Delta Vacations has a variety of family packages. Be sure to come back weekly for our latest offers.

Credit Card Security

What is the Verified by Visa program?

Verified by Visa is free to Visa cardholders and was developed to help prevent unauthorized use of Visa cards online. Verified by Visa protects Visa cards with personal passwords, giving cardholders reassurance that only they can use their Visa cards online. Once your card is activated, your card number will be recognized whenever it's used at participating online stores. A Verified by Visa window will automatically appear and your Visa card issuer will ask for your password. You'll enter your password to verify your identity and complete your purchase.

What is the MasterCard SecureCode program?

MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a service from MasterCard and your card issuer that provides added protection when you buy online. There is no need to get a new MasterCard or Maestro® card. You choose your own personal MasterCard SecureCode and it is never shared with any merchant. A private code means added protection against unauthorized use of your credit or debit card when you shop online.

Every time you pay online with your MasterCard or Maestro card, a box pops up from your card issuer asking you for your personal SecureCode, just like the bank does at the ATM. In seconds, your card issuer confirms it's you and allows your purchase to be completed. To find out more about this program, go to Mastercard.

Why did Delta add the Verified by Visa and SecureCode program to its website?

We added these programs to provide our customers with additional fraud protection when shopping online. Your card can't be used on our site without your permission. Some banks may require card activation into these programs while others make it optional. Please contact your card issuer for more information.

While I was making a purchase online, I was notified that my card had been enrolled in Verified by Visa and I was required to activate my participation. What does this mean?

A small number of Visa card issuers provide additional security by initiating enrollment for cardholders and then requiring activation the first time the cardholder attempts to use that card on a site that participates in the Verified by Visa program. Just follow the instructions provided by your card issuer when attempting to purchase at If you do not activate your enrollment, you will not be able to use that card on any online site that participates in the program. Any questions regarding this auto-enrollment should be directed to your Visa card issuer.

I have additional questions about Verified by Visa. Who can I contact?

Contact your Visa card issuer directly for the most up-to-date information about using Verified by Visa with your Visa card.


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