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Learn more about the process of getting from here to there.  Book on and avoid direct ticketing charges and online booking fees.

Best Fare Guarantee FAQs

The best Delta fares on the web or your money back. Questions about submitting a claim? Learn More

Flight Schedules FAQs

Interested in downloading Flight Schedules to your smartphone? Want to learn about our easy-to-use travel planning tools? Find Out More

Reservations & Ticketing FAQs

When booking airfare or planning a trip, you're bound to have a few questions. Luckily Delta has come up with frequently asked questions to get you in the air.  Learn More

Trip Extras FAQs

Find out more about how to make the most out of your next flight with Delta‚Äôs trip extras. Learn More

Delta Comfort+ FAQs

Delta Comfort+ is now a booking option, like Main Cabin or First Class. This means you can book Delta Comfort+ all the way to your destination rather than upgrading separately for each leg of your trip. Learn More

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