Pilot Training Programs

At Delta, we take great pride in the fact that we've trained tens of thousands of pilots to the highest standards in the industry. We offer more than a type rating and develop confident, professional crew members that are fully prepared for line flying. To schedule training or inquire about pricing, contact us

Pilot Initial

Whether it's the pilot's first type rating or the tenth, we're ready to provide training beyond the requirements of the checkride. Operationally focused long and short initial courses are offered for all the following aircraft:

  • B-747
  • A330
  • A320
  • B-737NG
  • 737-200
  • B-757
  • B-767
  • B-777
  • MD-88
  • MD-90

Pilot Recurrent

Recurrent training should be more than a "square-filler." Our recurrent courses bring real-world issues into the classroom and simulator. We'll sharpen your flying skills and keep you connected to the latest industry information related to your aircraft and operation.

In Command (Captains' Course)

There is a clear distinction between a type rated pilot and a captain. That's why our “In Command” course focuses on limits of authority, resources available to a captain and the skill sets necessary to perform successfully as a new captain. “In Command” helps develop a methodology for line operations. The goal is for each captain to develop a personal and professional philosophy that leads to excellence in every aspect of their job.

Theatre of Operations Training

Let America's fastest growing international airline train you on the nuances of each operational theatre. Our North Atlantic Long Range Navigation course teaches you the procedures for operation in MNPS airspace and the NAT track system. Other theatre-specific courses include Pacific Operations, Latin/South American Ops and Mountain Operations.

All Weather Operations

With thousands of daily flights to all over the world, operational reliability is critical to Delta's success. Low ceilings and visibility are a fact of life and cannot be permitted to bring the operation to a halt. Let us train your crew members in the technical and procedural aspects of category II and III approaches and low-visibility takeoffs.

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Our Heads-Up Display (HUD) training course has been recognized by industry leaders as one of the best in the business. The course takes the student through the basic systems that make up the HUD as well as the symbology incorporated within the HUD program. An interactive learning environment with immediate positive feedback is what sets this course apart.


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