Ticketing Rules

Agency-issued Ticket Exchanges | Ticket Validity | Placement of Waiver Codes | Delta Plate on OAL | Terminiation of Appointment

Exchange Guidelines for Agency-issued Tickets

  • Travel Agencies can only refund or exchange tickets originally issued by the issuing agency within one year of the original ticket issue date. See ticket validity for more information
  • Travel agents are not permitted to refund or exchange tickets issued by Delta
  • Travel agencies cannot reissue tickets validated on another carrier to a Delta (006) ticket. This type of exchange is prohibited

International Non-refundable Tickets (USD Currency)

Delta will allow an international nonrefundable ticket to be reissued to a U.S. domestic ticket under the following conditions:

  • Ticket must have been sold in the U.S. or Caribbean in USD currency
  • Passenger must pay the applicable international change fee.
  • Original nonrefundable amount will remain nonrefundable
  • Ticket must be on 006 ticket stock

International Non-refundable Tickets (Foreign Currency)

A Delta international nonrefundable ticket that was sold outside of the U.S. may be reissued for another international ticket provided the ticket has not expired.

Note: Refer to your ARC industry agent's handbook under "Exchange Transactions" for complete instructions regarding ticket exchange procedures.

Ticket Validity

When a ticket is changed, our automated process will calculate the most cost-effective way of applying the ticket's remaining value to your client's new itinerary. See Ticket Validity for more information.

Placement of Waiver Code

When an exception is granted by the Sales Support Service Center, proper placement of the waiver code is required to avoid unnecessary debit memo transactions and additional administrative cost for both the travel agency and Delta.

Waiver Code Placement and Document Instructions:

  • If there is no ticket designator utilized for ticketing needs, the waiver code is to be documented in the ticket designator box (fare basis/ticket designator) Example: Fare Basis Code / Waiver Code - QA7NR/12342X)
  • If a corporate, agency or other ticket designator applies, place waiver code in the tour code box.
  • If both the ticket designator and tour code field are being utilized for ticketing, the waiver code is to be placed in the endorsement field.
  • It is necessary to document the ticket record in itself in addition to the PNR. If the ticket is NOT documented and an audit is generated, debit memos may be generated.

Ticketing must take place on the same day the waiver code is given. Failure to ticket the same day will result in a debit memo

Authority to Ticket OAL Itinerary with Delta Plates

Effective June 1, 2008, DL no longer permits travel agencies to issue an Electronic Ticket with DL plate for OAL itinerary only.

Note: Prepaid tickets are not allowed under any circumstances.

Termination of Appointment

Delta may elect for any reason to terminate an agency's appointment. Termination will be advised by Delta's Travel Agency Accreditation Group. This action terminates the agency's authorization to do the following, but not limited to:

  • Sell tickets and services on Delta
  • Use Delta's validation plate (or auto-validation) for transportation on another carrier
  • From claiming commission on the sale of Delta's services

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