Seating Information

Seat Selection

Seats may be pre-assigned on Delta operated flights a maximum 331 days prior to each departure flight.

Buffer Row Seats

"Buffer" seats, or blocked seats, are blocked for airport check-in at the gate to accommodate customers with disabilities and special needs. These seats are not released for advance seating assignments. Seats are reserved for, but not limited to, passengers who meet the following qualifications:

  • Requires oxygen
  • Blind/Deaf
  • Disabled
  • Unaccompanied Minor

Delta accommodates the seating requirements of customers with certain types of disabilities. This could result in the occasional need to change another individual's pre-assigned seat, with bulkhead seats being particularly subject to reassignment. We appreciate your understanding in these special circumstances.

For questions regarding seat maps, number of seats and seat dimensions view Aircraft Types and Layouts.

Preferred Seating

Delta allows you to offer our most valued customers preferential advance seat assignments. This service is called Preferred Seating ("P" seats). This service is offered on Delta and Delta Connection flights subject to availability. Note: Select seats may be reassigned to passengers with certain categories of disability.

Click here for complete information about Preferred Seating.

Exit Row Seating

You can assign exit seats to qualified passengers through your respective GDS. Per FAA regulations and to ensure the safety of all customers traveling on Delta, when assigning exit seats please review and adhere to the below criteria and guidelines.

Passenger Qualifications

When assigning an exit seat:

  • They must be able to comprehend instructions for operating the emergency exit including locating and operating a window exit or exit door and directing others to the exit
  • They must not be under 15 years of age
  • They do not have a condition or responsibility, such as caring for small children that might prevent them from performing the applicable exit row functions
  • They must be physically able to open an exit door and to lift and stow a 31-52 pound window exit
  • They must not require the use of a seat belt extension (this limitation is intended to preclude the hazard of entanglement with the additional length of the extension by those passengers attempting to expeditiously exit the aircraft)
  • Passengers must be able to quickly activate the evacuation slide and help others off of it

Manually Assigning Exit Row Seats

Delta is in the process of implementing Interactive Seat Selection with many of the GDSs. Interactive Seat Selection provides an immediate confirmation of seat selection instead of at End Transaction.  Messaging formats used to assign exit row seating through Interactive Seat Selection is currently not supported by all GDSs.

Until each GDS supports Delta’s messaging requirements for assigning exit row seats to qualifying customers, travel agents may request exit row seating via SSR. Each GDS has its own format to request exit row seats. We are providing the formats below for select GDSs where available.  Please be aware that these processes are subject to change based on GDS business rules.

For questions about these formats or for information on how to request Exit Row seats through GDSs not on the list, please contact the respective GDS help desk for assistance.


The following steps can be used to request Exit Row Seats for qualified Delta passengers in Amadeus.

  • Book a PNR
  • Enter an OSI into the PNR, in Amadeus format - OSDL EXIT
  • Enter a Seat Request using the format - ST/RQST/26C
  • End the record and redisplay the record for seat confirmation


The following steps can be used to request Exit Row Seats for qualified Delta passengers in Apollo.

Seat Maps may still be viewed using normal 9V formats.

Seat Selection is completed via teletype instead of using Interactive Seat Selection.

  • Create the PNR with valid DL FF#
  • Add an OSIDL EXIT <enter>
  • Add an NSST/10A  <enter>  (10A just an example)
  • ER <enter> 
  • IR <enter>

Note: To request a specific seat number for a specific segment it must be identified. Example:  NSST/S1/10A (Segment 1, Seat 10A)


The following steps can be used to request Exit Row Seats for qualified Delta passengers in Sabre.

  • Book a PNR.
  • Enter the customer name and SkyMiles data
  • Enter OSI – 3 OSI DL EXIT
  • View seat map using either 4G1* or 4G1*/O
  • Seats may not be assigned using the Graphical Seat Map
  • Select seats using cryptic entries – 3NSST1/26A (3NSST[seg#]/[seat#])
  • Passenger must be eligible for seat selected
  • ER PNR to receive confirmation of seats
  • *B to see seat selection

Sabre will post information specific to Delta in their Format Finder and sending out a broadcast communication to their subscribers.  

All other GDSs not mentioned

  • Contact the appropriate GDS help desk for assistance.

Travel agents can continue to call Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance with assigning exit row seats for those customers that qualify. 

Please note, an exit row seat will not be assigned if a generic seat request is made, even if an OSI DL Exit is present.

For format information see:




help seats


help seats


FF reference pnrfo1001




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