Schedule Change Guidelines and Delta Messenger

Delta Messenger

Delta Messenger is Delta’s automated system that notifies customers of flight delays and cancellations as well as advance schedule changes for any ticketed PNR with a DL segment.

SkyMiles members can sign up on and choose time specific instructions on when and by what means Delta should notify them. Customers may choose to subscribe and get updates on all flights or a one-time alert on a specific flight. Customers may select (via their SkyMiles profile) to receive notification via email, voicemail or another communication channel.

If a SkyMiles number is present in the PNR and the customer has contact information registered with DL, Delta Messenger will use this information first before the email address info in the PNR. For complete details please visit: Delta Messenger.

See below for information on how Delta Messenger works in concert with agency PNRS.

Delta Messenger & Agency PNRs | Required PNR Email Entry Format | Email Example | Schedule Change and Delta Messenger  | Agency Process and Responsibility  | Reissues due to Schedule Change  | Reissues due to Irregular Operations (IROPS)  | Refunds due to Schedule Change | Refunds due to Irregular Operations (IROPS)

Agency PNRs and Delta Messenger

Delta Messenger notification system works in concert with ticketed travel agency-created PNRs.

In most cases, if an agency has provided the passenger phone number or email contact in the required PNR format (noted below), Delta will advise the customer of the updated travel schedule, update the PNR and re-validate the ticket so that the ticket is check-in ready. Please note that this process will preserve agency control of the PNR and the ticket.

To assist our travel agency partners, Delta technology has  been enhanced to allow:

  • Travel agencies to maintain control of their PNRs if there are any changes to flights during a schedule change or irregular operations (IROP) event
  • Travel agencies to maintain control of their tickets during an IROP event even if the original ticket is exchanged
  • Travel agencies to exchange their own tickets with an event waiver during IROP events

Delta Messenger Process

  • DL will update the DL PNR with current flight information
  • DL will re-validate the ticket, preserving agency control of the ticket
  • DL will send an email to the passenger with the updated flight information using the email contact in the SkyMiles member’s profile or to email address in the PNR which must be in the Required PNR Email Entry Format (see below)
  • Ticket will be kiosk and online check-in ready
  • DL will add an OSI in the PNR which will indicate that an email has been sent to the passenger to advise the flight changes 
  • Agency can make additional changes to the ticket via GDS or

Note: Approximately 20% of all schedule changes cannot be updated using this technology.

Listed below are examples of schedule changes in which the agency must notify the passenger and update the PNRS. In addition, these changes will require the ticket to be reissued by the original issuing agency in order for the passenger to be able to check in automatically via the KIOSK or online.

  • The change has caused a misconnection, which requires re-accommodation of the passenger onto other flights, dates or times
  • The itinerary changed from a non-stop to connecting flights
  • Tickets plated on another carrier
  • Tickets containing OAL space
  • All PNRs with a 'G' or 'C' header in the name field
  • PNRs with select SSRs are excluded (example: UMNR)

Required PNR Email Entry Format for Travel Agency Records

To assist with the process, the agency must provide customer contact info in the PNR using AIRIMP standard format in order for DL to advise the passenger of the updated itinerary.

3OSI DL CTCE/chris.traveler//


     replaces an underscore


    replaces @


    identifies the OSI as an email address

Note: The information must be entered in one of the following exact formats shown below in order for DL to read the text.

Acceptable formats:


Note: Multiple contacts can be provided in separate OSI messages, using same format as above.

Examples of Incorrect PNR Formats

The use of these types of formats with extra or missing information will inhibit Delta from generating the messages to your customers.


  • A city/airport code of IAD was included in the OSI which constitutes a format issue and notifications will not be generated to the email address


  • The email address of is truncated and missing the letter ‘m’. In this case, notifications will not be generated to the email address.

Please be sure to review your entries to ensure they are formatted correctly.

Email Example Sent to Customers from Delta

Dear Delta Passenger,

Our schedule has changed, and it impacts your upcoming trip. We are making this notification on behalf of your agency. Please review the information for your new flight numbers, departure and arrival times, and seat assignments (we have bolded the changes). If you have any questions, please contact your travel agent.

Updated Itinerary - Delta confirmation # 3EG5HU

Tuesday, February 20

Delta Flight:





8:30 am from Seattle, Washington



2:30 pm (March 15) at Atlanta, Georgia




We apologize for this change in your travel plans.

Do you want to change your seat, or find out what movies will be shown on board? It's just a click away, and don't worry about reconfirming your flights - you're all set.

Did you know you can sign up for notifications? It's easy, just visit and look for Delta Messenger. We'll keep you updated about flight changes, and the day before your trip we'll email your itinerary. Now you can stay in touch while on the go.

Thank you for choosing Delta.

How To - Subscribe / Unsubscribe:
We sent this e-mail because your e-mail preferences indicate you would like to receive Customer Service and Operational Updates from Delta. To modify your e-mail options, or unsubscribe from this service, please visit and enter your SkyMiles account number and Password.
This e-mail message and its contents are copyrighted and are proprietary products of Delta Air Lines, Inc. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or transfer of this message or its contents, in any medium, is strictly prohibited.
This is a post only e-mail - please do not respond to this message.

Schedule Change and Delta Messenger

To assist our travel agency partners, Delta technology has automation that allows travel agencies to maintain control of their PNRs if there are any changes to flights during a schedule change or irregular operations (IROP) event.  DL will re-validate the ticket and preserve agency control of the PNR and the ticket

Delta Messenger will send an email and update the DL PNR and ticket for a schedule change if:

  • First flight departs within 0-60 days and the trip is valid (or can be rebooked)
  • If a schedule change has adjusted a flight more than :15 later or more than :10 earlier (see below)
  • If a flight is arriving more than :45 later than previously scheduled
  • If the aircraft type has changed - for example a change from a 757 to an E175

Delta Messenger will NOT send an email about a schedule change and will not update the DL PNR and ticket if:

  • There is not a rebooked option for the customer (ex. UN segment)
  • If minimum connect times are not met with the alterative routing
  • The new flight option is more than 48 hour later than the previous flight
  • There is no email contact information available (the system will search for a valid email address via two sources –the PNR or the member’s SkyMiles number)*.
  • The schedule change is a “minor” time change (i.e. less than the times listed above)

In these cases, the agency will need to continue to contact the passenger and work these schedule changes, which includes re-issuing the ticket, as is the current process.

 *Note: DL will still update the DL PNR and re-validate the ticket provided there is alternate protection available, even if the PNR does not have email contact information.

Agency Process and Responsibility

Advice of Schedule Change (ASC)* messages will continue to be sent by DL to the GDSs. Please reconcile the Agency PNR with the ACS messages by:

  • Removing(cancelling) old or changed segments (Please contact your GDS as needed to determine the proper status codes
  • Including passenger’s preferred email contact info in proper OSI format in PNR
  • Re-accommodating passengers where schedule changes require manual intervention (when  Delta Messenger and Re-val is not valid)

Note: All passenger contact info is PNR specific; it will not be captured in a database or reused; therefore, passenger contact info must be input in every PNR unless the passenger’s contact info is available in the SkyMiles profile.

* An advance schedule change occurs outside of 7 days before travel and an ASC message is sent by DL to the GDSs.

Reissues Due to Schedule Change

Travel agencies can reissue tickets affected by a schedule change if the ticketed class of service is available on desired flight. No waiver exception code from Sales Support is required, however the PNR must be documented and the endorsement box remarked as noted below:

Required PNR Documentation for Rebooking

PNR must be documented with the following OSI entry:


Requested Endorsement Box Documentation for Reissued ticket

  • Enter a remark in the Endorsement box to denote the affected flight number and date of flight.    Example: SCHEDULE CHANGE DL1234 25JUL2012

Otherwise, please contact Delta Reservations or Sales Support for assistance. After the correct class of service is booked, tickets can then only be reissued by the agency that originally issued the ticket.

Note: You may receive multiple schedule change notices. It is not necessary to reissue tickets immediately after accepting the schedule change. You may reissue as deemed necessary based on the customer’s travel plans and your business practices.

Reissues due to Irregular Operations (IROPS)

An *Irregular Operation (IROP) is an interruption in a Delta flight schedule which may be due to a weather delay, servicing of the aircraft, or aircraft equipment change.

Delta technology allowS travel agents to:

  • Maintain control of their PNRs if there are any changes to flights during an IROP event.
  • Retain control of their tickets during an IROP event even if the original ticket is exchanged
  • Exchange their own tickets with an event waiver during certain IROP events

Travel agents may rebook and reissue tickets for their customers whose flights have been cancelled due to irregular operations caused by weather events (e.g. storms, floods or earthquakes). The below conditions must be met and or applied:

  • Travel has not commenced on the affected flight segment and the ticket has not been reissued by Delta.
  • The first departure flight is more than 3 hours away.
  • Customer has not checked in (If checked in, Delta must reissue the ticket).
  • One change permitted without penalty fees - Administrative Service Charge (ASC)
  • Tickets can only be reissued by the agency that originally issued the ticket
  • Reissue must be in accordance to specific advisory informaiton, which can be found in Exception Policies. Please review the specific weather event as conditions are subject to change.

 *Note: For general information related to travel agent weather event guidelines visit the Weather Event Travel Exception Policy page. For specific information related to rebook, reissue and waiver exception codes please review the specific Travel Exception Policy Advisory, which can be found in Exception Policies.

Refunds due to Schedule Change

Refundable Ticket

Refunds of a refundable ticket(s) due to a Delta schedule change can be handled normally and processed by the agency through normal ARC/BSP processing.

Non-Refundable Ticket

Travel agencies can refund a non-refundable ticket(s) when there has been a Delta schedule change if one or more of the following apply:

  • There is a cancellation of a scheduled flight and there is no Delta flight with a comparable routing available within 90 minutes of the original time of departure.
  • A change in the scheduled departure time of a Delta flight which exceeds 90 minutes.
  • A change in the routing of a scheduled Delta flight which adds one or more stops to the original itinerary.
  • A change in the routing of a scheduled flight which results in a scheduled arrival time of more than 90 minutes later than the originally scheduled arrival time.

PNR must be documented with the following OSI entry: 


Refunds due to Irregular Operations (IROPS)

Refundable Ticket

Travel agents may refund fully refundable tickets through normal ARC/BSP processing.

Non-Refundable Ticket

If a customer’s Delta flight is cancelled due to irregular operations such as weather, and no other alternate flights are acceptable, travel agents may refund a totally unused non-refundable ticket(s) through normal ARC/BSP processingprovided that an event waiver has been issued. 

PNR / Ticket must be documented as noted below.

Required Documentation

Document the PNR with the following OSI message entry: 3OSI DL Refund per XXXXX (Enter weather/event name) / Month Day Year (See advisory for date)

If the ticket has already been reissued by Delta or the ticket is partially used, travel agents may utilize the Travel Agent Weather Event Online Refund form to submit a refund request.

Note: As long as travel meets the Travel Exception Policy guidelines for the event and the PNR is properly documented you do not need to call Sales Support. Travel Agents must complete the reissue transactions for their customers.

If you have additional questions, please contact Sales Support or Delta Reservations.


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