Prepaid Ticket Advice (PTA)

Acceptance of PTA on Delta Air Lines Plate

Delta will accept PTAs for travel on Delta mainline and Delta Connection Carriers.

No Delta Space

Delta does not accept PTAs plated 006 for travel solely on another airline carrier.


  • Delta connection carriers
  • DL code share flights

Service Charge Information

Each PTA issued by Delta Air Lines requires a $100 service charge. This service charge is not subject to any discount and cannot be refunded.


  • The prepaid charge will be collected on prepaid tickets issued for government "YCA" contracted fares or "DG" fare type itineraries. The only waiver of the prepaid charge for these fares is if the passenger is booked less than 24 hours prior to travel.
  • Prepaid charges for "category Z" fares will also be collected. No exceptions are allowed.
  • The forms of payment, such as the government transportation request "GTR" or government issued MasterCard or Visa, will no longer permit a waiver of the prepaid charges.

Miscellaneous Guidelines

PTA numbers must include all fourteen (14) digits including the check digit. In order to verify whether ticket(s) were issued against a PTA request, you can call Delta's automated VRU at 404-715-5417 for this information.

Refund requests for unused PTAs should be handled as follows:

  • If the travel date is within six (6) months, call in the refund request to your local Delta reservation office at 1-800-221-1212, or fax the refund request to 404-714-9465.
  • If the travel date is over six (6) months, send the refund request to Refunds and Records. The address is:

      Delta Air Lines, Inc.
      Refunds And Records - Dept 818
      Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport
      P O Box 20537
      Atlanta, GA 30320-2537
      Fax: 404-715-8405

Government Transportation Request (GTR)

For transportation paid by a government travel voucher, Delta Air Lines will pay applicable commissions to travel agents provided a Delta Air Lines segment(s) exists in the itinerary. Please refer to your ARC industry agent's handbook under ticketing for complete instructions regarding government transportation requests.

For government contract fare (YCA/MZ/DCB/DG type) for tickets issued in conjunction with GSA city pair contracts, one of the following will be required:

  • GTR or military emergency travel warrant (METW)
  • U.S. federal government issued MasterCard or Visa. The cards will be embossed with United States Government - For official use only. Also each card which is authorized to purchase federal government fares will be embossed with CCP. The first five digits of the account number must be one of the following:
MasterCard Visa Visa
55680 44860 47160
55681 44861 47161
55682 44862 47162
55863 44863 47163

Non-refundable Ticket Change Policy

All standard nonrefundable ticketing rules apply to Delta Air Lines' nonrefundable change policy.

Changes to Originating Flight

Voluntary changes to the originating flight, then voluntary rerouting (including origin/destination/stopover points) is permitted, provided all applicable fare rules are met and the itinerary must price as follows:

  • Equal value - ASC applies
  • Higher value - ASC and additional collection applies.
  • Lower value - ASC applies. An MCO for difference will be issued by Delta Air Lines for future Delta Air Lines services. The MCO is nonrefundable.

These fares may be applied to any Delta Air Lines published fare within one year of original ticketing date. Valid tickets more than one year old must be processed by Delta Air Lines. For more information on ticket validity, see ticketing rules. The new ticket and each subsequent reissued ticket will be non-refundable and must be noted in the endorsement box. Type I.s. Tkt - e/nonref in the endorsement field.

Note: All tickets must be reissued.

Changes to Downline or Return

When there are changes to downline or return flights, voluntary rerouting is not permitted. Changes to day/time/connecting point of other than originating flight may be made at any time provided there is no change in origin/destination/stopover points and the change meets minimum/maximum stay provisions. An ASC applies.

A change in co-terminals on a ticket is the equivalent of a change in routing and is not permitted.

The passenger may upgrade to any combinable fare type if the applicable inventory is not available provided there is no change to origin/destination/stop-over points and the change meets the minimum/maximum stay provisions. An ASC and additional collection applies. In the event the passenger is unable to meet the provisions of this fare, the difference between the fare paid and the fare for transportation already used, less the administrative charge, may be applied toward the purchase of a one-way fare.

Note: All tickets must be reissued.

Cancellation and Refunds

Non-refundable tickets and unticketed PTAs are 100 percent non-refundable. However, an excursion ticket may be refunded upon death of the ticketed passenger (the fee is refundable), but proper documentation is still required.

Prepaid Refund Requests

In order to help expedite prepaid refund requests, you may now fax in a copy of your MCO, following these guidelines:

  • MCO must be legible.
  • MCO must show complete flight itinerary.
  • The fare must be refundable.
  • Non-refundable fare refund requests can not be processed through fax.
  • Fax should include agency telephone number.

Delta’s fax number is (404) 714-9465. Only prepaid refund requests can be processed through this number.

You must still call non-refundable fares or other special circumstances into the sales support center at the number you were given.

Once the fax is received the refund should be processed within 5 business days.


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