Miscellaneous Charge Orders (MCO)

Please click here for information pertaining to Travel Agency Issued Residual Value MCOs.

MCO Guidelines

  • Delta does not accept manual or handwritten MCOs.
  • MCOs cannot be used to pay debit memos or to collect/report cancellation penalties or exchange fees.
  • Only one MCO can be issued per ticketed passenger. Cross reference the ticket number on the MCO in the "reason for exchange" line.
  • Travel agents in the U.S. should refer to the ARC industry agent’s handbook for instructions on the completion and reporting of MCO exchange coupons.
  • Travel agents in Canada should refer to the Passenger Sales Agency Agreement and Travel Agent's Handbook for the instructions on the completion and reporting of MCO exchange coupons.
  • Miscellaneous Charge Orders (MCOs) may not be used to process tour payments

Approved MCO Uses

An MCO can be used when standard ticket stock cannot be used. See list below for Delta approved transactions for air travel and related services:

  • Additional Collections
  • Deposits/down payments that include air transportation
  • Future Administrative Service Charge & Penalty Fees
  • Sky Club memberships
  • Excess Baggage Fees
  • Land arrangements for inclusive tours
  • Lost Ticket Applications (LTA)
  • Pet Transportation Charge
  • Pre-paid Ticket Advice (PTA) Fee
  • Unaccompanied Minor Escort Fee
  • Unspecified Future Travel and or Service

Note: A credit card cannot be used to pay for an MCO which includes services on other airlines. Agencies cannot accept and ticket against travel documents, such as MCOs and travel vouchers (DTV), issued by Delta. These documents must be presented and processed at a Delta ticketing location.

MCO Issuance for Paper Ticket Fee

A $50 non refundable fee applies to each paper ticket requested for all e-ticket (ET) eligible itineraries.

  • Domestic U.S. Travel Agencies will continue to have the ability to issue paper tickets for any non-ET eligible transactions and to issue paper miscellaneous charge orders.
  • International travel agencies participating in a Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) are restricted from issuing paper tickets and paper miscellaneous documents.
  • International agencies have been advised to issue a Virtual Multi-Purpose Document (vMPD) in lieu of paper tickets and paper miscellaneous transactions (see "What is a vMPD" below).
  • International travel agencies who do not participate in BSP will continue to follow their normal ticketing procedures. All customers, including SkyMiles members, who voluntarily request a paper ticket, will be charged a paper ticket fee. The fee applies to all fare types and will be charged via all ticketing channels, including tickets originally issued, reissued or converted by a travel agent. 
  •  Exceptions: 
    • Infants traveling internationally require a paper ticket. Therefore, the paper ticket fee will be waived for an adult traveling with an infant internationally if they prefer a paper ticket
    • Travel agencies outside the U.S., Canada and Bermuda who are currently not able to issue an ET
    • Non-ET eligible cities or codeshare partners

What is a vMPD?

  • The Virtual Multi Purpose Document (vMPD) provides international travel agents with an automated method for issuing a paperless Multi Purpose Document (MPD).
  • The vMPD is only available to international travel agencies who report via an approved Bank Settlement Plan (BSP). It is not available for domestic U.S. travel agencies or international agencies who do not report via a Bank Settlement Plan.
  • The vMPD will be used by the international travel agency community until such time as Delta's ticketing transactions are 100% ET eligible and the Electronic miscellaneous Document (EMD) is fully implemented.

When would a Travel Agency issue a vMPD?

  1. An international travel agency will issue a vMPD for Prepaid Ticket Advices (PTAs) for unseated infants or other paper ticket transactions. 

A vMPD will also be issued in lieu of a paper Miscellaneous Charge Order (MCO).
When a vMPD is issued as an MCO, a reason for issuance must be specified (i.e. group deposit, collection of reissue change fees, excess baggage charges, etc.)

How does the vMPD work? 

  1. The travel agency issues the vMPD via BSPlink and validates on Delta, specifying the reason for issuance.
  2. Upon issuance of the vMPD, an email will be automatically generated to Delta notifying Delta that a vMPD has been issued.

Guidelines for Issuing MCOs

  1. Name of Passenger - The MCO may be issued only in the name of the passenger on the original unused ticket.
  2. Type of Service - An MCO may be issued for the following types of service: air travel and related services, including lost ticket application, Crown Room membership, excess baggage fee, pet transportation charge, unaccompanied minor escort fee, future administrative service charge, and PTA service charge fee.
  3. To - Delta Air Lines
  4. Endorsement Restrictions- Nonrefundable/nonreversible. Valid Delta Air Lines and Delta Air Lines Connection Carriers® only. The endorsement box of any ticket issued in exchange for the MCO must contain the non-refundable amount including taxes.


An MCO is valid for one year from the date of issue and must be presented for a ticket within that period. Once the MCO is exchanged, the ticket issued then becomes valid for one year from the date of issue. MCOs are not replaceable if lost or stolen. Travel Agencies can not accept Delta-issued MCOs.

Whenever an exchange coupon of an MCO is reissued, all prior endorsements or restrictions appearing on the original MCO must be carried forward to the new MCO.

For additional questions regarding MCO transferability please contact Delta Sales Support.

Use specific GDS entries below for information on MCOs.










Use Format Finder Online Website under MISC-MISCELLANEOUS TICKET DOCUMENTS 


Updated May 3, 2011


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